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Additional Activities

Coaching Apprentice Program

About the Program

The coaching apprentice program is designed to give participants the opportunity to learn practical coaching skills while observing an experienced coach. Participants accepted into the program will be assigned to one of many expert BHS coaches as they work with quartets and choruses attending Quartet and Chorus Coaching College.

You may apply to be an Observer – fly on the wall, silent observer, or apply to be a more active participant as a Coaching Apprentice.

Learn More: Observer

As an Observer, your role will be silent and watchful in every class, taking notes and taking in new ideas and techniques. You will have opportunities to discuss your observations throughout the week with the coach, fellow participants, and Coaching Apprentice faculty.

Learn More: Apprentice

Coaching Apprentices will begin the week as an observer but later in the week will begin to undertake hands-on coaching assignments alongside the expert coach. The coach will develop an understanding of the Apprentice’s skill set and invite participation as appropriate. Compulsory educational courses such as Vocal Pedagogy and Principles of Coaching will supplement learning.

Judging Category

While participation in more than one category is encouraged over time, Coaching Apprentices may suggest which Judging Category they prefer to follow and where possible, will be assigned to a coach in that category. Apprentices are encouraged to supplement their learning with category-specific classes during HU.

Friday Night Show

Coaching Candidates are also expected to make themselves available to serve as backstage crew and backstage guides for the on-stage performers (groups you have been involved with during the week) appearing on the Friday Night Show.

Applications for 2020 will be available at a later date.

eXtreme Quartetting Harmony Brigade

Not for the faint of heart, this is for experienced quartetters who will arrive solidly prepared on 8 outstanding medalist-level arrangements, which will be provided along with stellar learning tracks. Your application must be approved, as there is a limit of 15 on each voice part. This is not a chorus activity; it is for experienced quartetters who are used to holding their own in a quartet.

If you are participating in one of the main XQ Brigades in 2019, you'll already have the music package. Otherwise, there is a $35 fee to cover the licensing cost of the music package. The arrangements used are written for male vocal ranges. Women are welcome to apply if they have the voice range for one of the parts.

The arrangements used are written for male vocal ranges. While most participants are men, women are also welcome to apply if they have the voice range for one of the parts. Please do not “just show up” for the eXtreme Harmony Brigade at HU; you must apply for it in advance.

Stay tuned for more information about the 2020 Brigade applications!