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Coaching Apprentice & Teaching Assistant Program

Coaching Apprentice & Teaching Assistant Program

About the Program

The Coaching Apprentice and Teaching Assistant (CA-TA) Program is designed to give participants the opportunity to learn practical coaching and teaching skills while observing an experienced coach or teacher.

Participants accepted into the program will be assigned to one of many expert BHS coaches as they work with quartets attending Coaching and Performance College.

The BHS has three great options for you to increase your barbershop knowledge and skills:

1. Coaching Observer (limit = 10)

As a Coaching Observer, you will watch coaching sessions, taking notes and taking in new ideas and techniques. You will have opportunities to discuss your observations throughout the week with the coach, fellow participants, and CA-TA Program faculty.

2. Coaching Apprentice (limit = 12)

Coaching Apprentices will begin the week as an observer but will transition into participating in hands-on coaching assignments under the direction of the expert coach.

Applications are due by May 31, 2020.

3. Teaching Assistant (limit = 4)

The HU Teaching Apprenticeship program is designed to take existing teachers who have found success at the local level and expose them to teaching opportunities at the international level by shadowing our world-class faculty. It is hoped that successful participants in the Teaching Apprentice program will go on to be assets to their districts/regions/areas/countries. At the discretion of the supervising teacher, TAs will prepare and deliver a lesson during HU.

Judging Category

While participation in more than one category is encouraged over time, Coaching Apprentices may suggest which Judging Category they prefer to follow and, where possible, will be assigned to a coach in that category. Apprentices are encouraged to supplement their learning with category-specific classes during HU.

Sample Activities

Offerings for Apprentices, Coaches, and Observers

Theory of Coaching

Offers coaching ‘content’ such as basics of vocal production, understanding musical devices, and principles of performance. This should be a preparatory course for Principles of Coaching

Principles of Coaching

How to coach: behaviors of successful coaches including concise, positive language, body language, handling difficult situations. Assessing what to listen for. Including visits from expert BHS coaches.

Coaching Under Glass (Under Glass)

A practical lab where Coaching Apprentices try out techniques on a quartet in real time under guidance with constructive feedback.

Coaching Observation

Apprentices are observed in action during POD time in a pre-determined 15 min window. Constructive feedback offered.