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Class Schedule

Stay tuned for 2020 course details!

View the class schedule from Harmony University 2019 to get an idea for the array of offerings we are planning for 2020!

This week was filled with learning, music and togetherness on a level I have never experienced before...the topics were intriguing and educational. The only problem was that I could not be two places at once!

— Caroline Simyon, Choral Director and Voice Instructor, Catawba Valley Community College

Core Classes (Monday - Friday)

8:00 - 9:00 a.m.

Starting a PVI Program in Your Chapter

Best Practices in Marketing

Performology – Performance Physiology

Conducting techniques

Skill Development for Indispensable Section Leaders and Assistant Directors

Leading Yourself and Others

Beginning Rhythm Reading Concepts

Community Engagement

Fundamentals of Music

Care of the Senior Voice

Conducting techniques

Outstanding in Front

Rehearsal Techniques

10:30 - 11:30 a.m.

Vocal Techniques for Directors

Principles of Coaching

Beginning Rhythm Reading Concepts

And How Does That Make You Feel? – Psychology Meets Performance

Jump, Shout, Knock Yourself Out

Conducting Ballads, and Melding Techniques

Technical Show Production for Barbershoppers

Performance Techniques

Fundamentals of Music

Vocal Techniques

Sight Singing/Ear Training

Practice Like a Pro

Make em' Laugh

Care of the Senior Voice

Free Body, Free Voice

Rehearsal Techniques

10:30 - 12:30 p.m.

History of Barbershop I

Intro to Vocal Pedagogy

Arranging 1

Conducting Techniques for New and Aspiring Directors

2:00 - 3:00 p.m.

Beginning Rhythm Reading Concepts

How to Be a Great Bass

Vocal Techniques

Performance Techniques

Vocal Techniques

How to be a Great Baritone

Songwriting: Songs for a New Generation

Fundamentals of Music

Posting Like a Pro

How to be a Great Lead

Advanced Vocal Pedagogy

How to Be a Great Tenor

Care of the Senior Voice

2:00 - 4:00 p.m.

Arranging 2

Arranging 3

3:15 - 4:15 p.m.

Performology – Performance Physiology

The Power of Positive Coaching with Cindy Hansen-Ellis

Vocal Techniques

Skill Development for Indispensable Section Leaders and Assistant Directors

Performance Techniques

Music Theory 2

Advanced Rhythm Reading Concepts

Advanced Songwriting

Sight Singing/Ear Training

Going From B to A

Vocal Techniques

Conducting Ballads, and Melding Techniques

Rehearsal Techniques

4:30 - 5:30 p.m.

Good To Great

Classroom Management: Music is KEY!

And How Does That Make You Feel? – Psychology Meets Performance

Work Outside the visual Box with Cindy Hansen-Ellis

Managing Stage Fright

The Language of Masterful Coaching: How to Inspire Change In Singers

Performance Techniques

Fundamentals of Music

Beyond Barbershop: the World of A Capella

Outstanding in Front

Lunch Time Electives


Champion Work Ethics

Discovering Your Inner Yogi: Physical Warmups for your Quartet or Chorus

Faithfully Serving the Songwriter

Five Leadership Roles

From Broadway to Barbershop

Hands Don't Fail Me Know

How to Perform Effective PVIs

Intro to Coaching

Mixed Harmony Tag Singing

Practical iPad Apps

Shaped-Note Singing

Simply Speaking

Social Media 101

The Performance Sphere

Uncovering Your Music

Unity of Purpose


A Right-Brained Approach to Barbershopping

Bring the Lyrics to Life Workshop

Directors, Dream BIG!

Empowering Leadership

Fix Tonal Center Flatting For Good

Getting Gigs, Getting Paid

Inside the Dapper Dans

Modern Barbershop is NOT an Oxymoron

Music Educator's Panel Q&A

Performance Analysis

Sinfonia Sing

So This is Your FIRST Experience Coaching

Starting (or Improving) Your Singing Valentine Program

Warm-ups for Every Level

What Makes It Barbershop


Become a “Change-Able” Leader

Branding Your Group

Breathe Life into your SONG

Coaching Under Glass

Effective Non-Verbal Communication for Conductors

How to Effectively Bring Barbershop Harmony to Your Community

Judging A Cappella Performances

Men’s, Women’s, and Mixed Arranging

Painting With Light

Rhythm In My Bones

So You Studied Voice in College...Now What?

Teaching Tags to Middle School Students

The Power of Five

The Storyteller's Vocal Warm-Up

Vocal Percussion for Beginners

Website 101


A Crash Course In Parody Writing

Finding Your Middle Voice

Happy and Healthy

Look Inside the Music

Look to the Lyrics

Marketing Your Show

Moments of Truth

Navigating a New World: Instrumentalists in a World full of Singers

One Enesemble, Three Lenses with Steve Armstrong, Colosimo, and Marty Lovick

Paradigm Shift

Raising the Bar

Shockingly Good Sectionals

Sounds Great! Audio Recording and Reproduction Basics

Teaching Inmates to Sing Barbershop

The Ins, outs, and In Betweens of a Great Performance

The Risk of Taking a Risk

Working With Diverse Voices


Becoming a Better Emcee

Co-directorship-Is two better than one?

Engage On Stage

Global Concepts to Improve Any Ensemble

Inside Zero8

Introducing Barbershop to Middle and Elementary School Students

Leading an Effective Team

Marketing to the Barbershop Singer of Today

PR Basics --Working With Local Media

Ring Chords Like Never Before

Tag Singing

The Body is a Dynamic Performance Instrument

The Vowel Tree

Using Improv to Improve Your Performance

Voice Lessons Under Glass with Rob Mance, Steve Scott and Andrew Rembecki

Writing Brilliant Added Material for Arrangers

Evening Electives


Barbershop for the Classical Singer

Barbershop Music and Culture

Booking the Show

Chartered Territory

Classroom Management for the Big Kids

Coaching Under Glass

Dare to Prepare

Math & Music

Mind Games

Outreach for Sm(all) Choruses: An Other-Centered Approach

Rehearsals for All Learning Styles

Singing Rounds

Women Directors in an #EiH World


Everyone in Harmony

Forward Motion: What It Is, What It Isn’t, and How To Get More Of It

Help, I Need a Choreo Plan But I’m Not a Dancer!

Membership Journeys

Of All the Nerve!

The Care and Feeding of Your Local Music Educator

The Touch and Feel of Resonance (kinesthetic approach to singing with resonance)

Tricks for Authentic Performance

Vowel Matching with Favoite Tags

Warm-ups: The Most Important Part of the Rehearsal

What Barbershop Can Offer Your School Program

What’s Special About Barbershop

When and how did barbershop get started in New Zealand?

2019 Course Offerings: Week at a Glance


Learn the principles of arranging in the barbershop style from the best of the best.

Class offerings include:

  • Advanced Songwriting
  • Arranging 1, 2, and 3
  • Songwriting: Songs for a New Generation

Coaching Apprentice and Observer Program

We assemble the most talented coaches in the world to instruct our quartets and choruses. Come and learn at their feet!

Class offerings include:

  • Coaching Apprentice
  • Coaching Observer


Conducting an ensemble involves a combination of musicianship and technique. We have the best of both as instructors!

Class offerings include:

  • Barbershop Conducting Techniques for Music Educators
  • Conducting Ballads and Melding Techniques
  • Conducting Techniques for Front Line Directors
  • Conducting Techniques for New and Aspiring Directors
  • Outstanding in Front
  • Rehearsal Techniques
  • Skill Development for Indispensable Section Leaders and Assistant Directors


Our certified Leadership instructors represent the latest in organizational leadership. We can help you run your community of artists!

Class offerings include:

  • Community Engagement
  • Leading Yourself and Others

Member Choruses

Our HU choruses will give you a learning and performing experience that will never be duplicated.

Class offerings include:

  • Men's Honors Chorus
  • Women's Honors Chorus
  • Next Generation Mixed Chorus

Music Edcuator

New to barbershop? Want to know how it can work for your school program? At HU, we tell you how.

Class offering:

  • Music Educator Seminar


Start your journey into developing all of your musicianship skills.

Class offerings include:

  • Beginning Rhythm Reading Concepts
  • Advanced Rhythm Reading Concepts
  • Fundamentals of Music
  • Music Theory 2, 3, and 4
  • Sight Singing/Ear Training


There are many techniques to give you an edge in your performing. Come find the best for you!

Class offerings include:

  • How to be a Great Tenor/Lead/Baritone/Bass
  • Performance Techniques
  • Posting Like a Pro
  • Practice Like a Pro

Show Production

Producing an effective show only happens when education meets preparation.

Class offering:

  • Technical Show Production


Barbershop singing has evolved to incorporate the latest in vocal science and pedagogy, while keeping in touch with our roots. Take your singing to the next level with us!

Class offerings include:

  • Care of the Senior Voice
  • Vocal Techniques
  • Intro to Vocal Pedagogy
  • Advanced Vocal Pedagogy

Stay tuned for 2020 course details!