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2020 Faculty

Click on the colleges below to see the corresponding faculty members.

Coaching and Performance College: Rik Johnson, Dean

Allan Otto, PER Coaching

Brian O'Dell, PER Coaching

Charlotte Murray, PER Coaching

Drew Ochoa, PER Coaching

Marty Lovick, PER Coaching

Rick Taylor, PER Coaching

Sean Devine, PER Coaching

Theresa Weatherbee, PER Coaching

Cary Burns, MUS Coaching

Jono Bligh, MUS Coaching

Kevin Keller, MUS Coaching

Patrick McAlexander, MUS Coaching

Mo Field, MUS Coaching

Sally McClean, MUS Coaching

Will Baughman, MUS Coaching

Adam Reimnitz, MUS Coaching

Drew Wheaton, SNG Coaching

Jennifer Cooke, SNG Coaching

Manny Lopez, SNG Coaching

Nathan Johnston, SNG Coaching

Peter Cunningham, SNG Coaching

Renee Tramack, SNG Coaching

Ryan Wisiniewski, SNG Coaching

Tim Waurick, SNG Coaching

Jill Rodgers, CAP Coordinator

Amelia Charnock, Private Performance Instruction

Chase Guyton, Private Voice Instruction

Sarah Bradley, Private Voice Instruction

Steve Bayless, Private Voice Instruction

Larry Triplett, eXtreme Harmony Brigade

Directors College: Dr. Don Campbell, Dean

Dr. Jay Butterfield, Chorus Director Coach

Dr. Shannon Jeffreys, Chorus Director Coach

Dan Wessler, Conducting Faculty

Dr Jay Dougherty, Conducting Faculty

Joe Cerutti, Conducting Faculty

Katie Taylor, Conducting Faculty

Kenny Wiser, Conducting Faculty

Kim Wonders, Conducting Faculty

Rich Lapp, Conducting Faculty

Rob Mance, Conducting Faculty

Stuart Sides, Conducting Faculty

Dr. Timothy Workman, Conducting Faculty

Alex Morris, Women’s Chorus Director

Donny Rose, Men’s Chorus Director

Jackson Niebrugge, Next Gen Chorus Director

Jake Tickner, Next Gen Chorus Director

Cy Wood, Next Gen Section Leader (Half & Half quartet)

Jenni Sheets, Next Gen Section Leader (Half & Half quartet)

Kim Newcomb, Next Gen Section Leader (Half & Half quartet)

Kohl Kitzmiller, Next Gen Section Leader (Half & Half quartet)

Harmony College: Debbie Cleveland, Dean

Ali Hauger, Harmony College Faculty

Blair Brown, Harmony College Faculty

Chad Bennett, Harmony College Faculty

Cindy Hansen-Ellis, Harmony College Faculty

Dr. Gene Spilker, Harmony College Faculty

Glenda Lloyd, Harmony College Faculty

Dr. Gus Sterneman, Harmony College Faculty

Dr. Jake Bartlett, Harmony College Faculty

Dr. Jeff Taylor, Harmony College Faculty

Jill Rodgers, Harmony College Faculty

Joey Buss, Harmony College Faculty

Jordan Travis, Harmony College Faculty

Katie Mac, Harmony College Faculty

Dr. Lee Powell, Harmony College Faculty

Nathan Ogg, Harmony College Faculty

Dr. Philip Grant, Harmony College Faculty

Ravi Raghuram, Harmony College Faculty

Sandi Wright, Harmony College Faculty

Shane Scott, Harmony College Faculty

Steve Tramack, Harmony College Faculty

Steven Armstrong, Harmony College Faculty

Tim Beutel, Harmony College Faculty

Will Lagos, Harmony College Faculty

Shawn Mondragon, Harmony College Faculty

Jeff Gehm, Harmony College Faculty

Music Education College: Darin Drown, Dean

Debbie Cleveland, Music Education Faculty

Katy Dane, Music Education Faculty

Electives: Steve Scott, Dean

Christopher Loftin, Instructor

Dan Rohovit, Instructor

Drew Osterhout, Instructor

Jay Hawkins, Instructor

Manoj Padki, Instructor

Dr. Patricia Dunphy, Instructor

Sean Mueller, Instructor

Harmony University Staff

Donny Rose, Dean of Students

Steve Scott, Dean of Faculty

Brent Suver, HU Logistics Manager

Rich Smith, HU Customer Service

Rafi Hasib, HU Assistant

Chad Bennett, Producer

Mike Kelly, Video

Jeremy Gover, Video

James Hurlburt, Video

Jacob Strong, Video