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Saturday Day Pass

Education Hu General Session 2

Join us on Saturday, August 2 for a day of learning! We will have a full day of electives, a Closing General Session, AND an amazing Saturday Night Show. Click here to see a sample schedule!

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HU Men’s, Women’s, and Next Generation Choruses

Womens Honors Chorus

Join the HU Men’s or HU Women’s Chorus Monday - Friday and sing on the Saturday Night Show! This is for local folks who can’t spend a week on campus but can find 2 hours a day to rehearse in a world-class group, directed by world-class leaders. Heads up: this local ticket does not include food or dorm.

Registration Opening Soon!

Show Only Pass

Mens Honors Chorus

This pass grants access to the Friday and Saturday Night Shows. On Friday, groups from all over the world who have been practicing all week will be ready to show what they have been working on.

Saturday will feature the HU men’s chorus, women’s chorus, Next Generation chorus, and a few surprise groups. Stay for ice cream afterward – our treat!

Registration Opening Soon!