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We're excited you'll be with us in Charlotte!

Don't forget these items as you get ready for the convention:

Check out the "Know Before You Go" Email

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Help us spread the word that you'll be with us in Charlotte by downloading one of these profile photos:

If you prefer something similar to a Facebook frame, feel free to download and apply this transparent PNG to your profile pic and upload to the social media page. (Note: Facebook once offered the automation of applying Frames through their website, but have since discontinued that service.

To create your new Facebook profile photo that includes the Charlotte promotional Facebook Frame, (and to state the obvious!), you'll need to use a graphics tool to add the free Charlotte frame ring "layer" (see below) to your Facebook profile photo. If you're looking for a quick, easy (and FREE) way to create your frame, we highly recommend using the popular online resource Canva has free customizable Facebook Frame templates that you can use to get started, with step by step instructions on dragging and dropping your photo and also the Charlotte frame into their editor:

NOTE: Canva will ask you to login through your email, or a Facebook or Google account, and they will prompt you with an opportunity to start a "free trial" and upgrade to Canva Pro (a paid service) that you can opt out of.

There are, of course, many other tools that can be used, including very popular graphics design tools from Adobe, to accomplish this task. If you don't own Adobe software products and/or aren't comfortable using those tool, there are other free resources you may be able to find online in a google search for "how do I create my own Facebook Frame".

And lastly, there's always a knowledgeable and helpful barbershop community in our social media channels that you could reach out to for help in adding this frame to your Facebook profile photo :) We can all work together to help get the word out about the Charlotte Reunion.

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Need a new pitch pipe?

We cannot recommend the amazing Tombo pitch pipe enough! Solid construction, long-lasting, and only $28 with member discount. Buy one today.

Need some tags?

Tag singing is an integral part of any successful convention, so be prepared to sing, learn, and even teach new tags. Tags are always fun to learn by ear in person taught by experienced tag teachers, but if you'd like to come prepared with some of your own, feel free to search your favorite mobile app store for "barbershop tags" and download any number of incredible barbershop tag apps that make learning fun and easy. Also, you're always welcome to visit our page full of free tags and other free barbershop music.