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International Quartet Contest

International Chorus Contest

Next Generation Varsity Quartet Contest

2019 International Quartet Contest

Quartet After Hours

Tuesday, July 2 | Quarterfinals Sessions 1 and 2

Wednesday, July 3 | Quarterfinals Session 3

Thursday, July 4 | Quartet Semifinals

Saturday, July 6 | Quartet Finals

The barbershop quartet is the foundation of the art form and our Society. Barbershop’s versatility is boundless. From ballads to up-tunes to comedy, you’ll hear nearly every style of music as renowned quartets from across the world compete for gold on the International stage.

View full event schedule here.

2019 Quartet Qualifiers

View the 2019 International Quartet qualifiers below, and stay tuned for the official order of appearance!

Quartet Qualifiers

Signature (SUN) 91.8

Paul Saca, Daniel Cochran, Will Rodriguez, Dan Walz

Throwback (SUN) 90.7

Sean Devine, Alex Rubin, Dan Rubin, Michael Skutt

Rooftop Records (SUN) 89.8

Chase Guyton, Dustin Guyton, Jamie Breedon, Jackson Pinder

Category 4 (DIX) 89.0

Tim Reynolds, Tim Brooks, Clay Hine, Kirk Young

Artistic License (FWD) 85.4

Julian Kusnadi, Rich Brunner, Jason Dyer, Gabe Caretto

First Take (MAD) 83.3*

Drew Wheaton, Christian Hoff, Andrew Havens, Anthony Colosimo

Finest Hour (BABS) 83.0

James Williams, Eddie Williams, Nick Williams, Jonathan Pipe

Maelstrom (RMD) 82.6

Kevin Meyer, Seth Fetzer, Wes Short, Tyler Wigginton

Suit Up (FWD) 81.2

Justin Klemballa, R.J. Esquivias, Brent Graham, Rodney Armstrong

The Locksmiths (BABS) 80.9*

Richard Fisher, Simon Lubkowski, Zac Booles, Andy Walker

Momma's Boys (EVG) 80.6

Steven Kelly, Ian Kelly, Sean Kelly, Michael Kelly

Late Shift (CAR) 80.2

Timothy Martin, Andrew Myer, Robert Kendall, Adam Winans

Sound Hypothesis (BABS) 79.2

Arran Bayless-Chalmers, Conrad Godfrey, Arun O'Sullivan and Alex Moore

Blindside (BHA) 79.0*

Trent Lewis, Gareth Clarke, Michael Webber, Tim Green

High Life (EVG) 78.9

Danny Dodd, Billy Holdsworth, Josh LeClerc, Travis Tabares

Playlist (CAR) 78.8

Scott Trout, Patrick Garmire, Joseph Bourne, Bryan Hughes

Capitol Ring (FWD) 78.8

Michael Stewart, Kevin Palmer, Larry Halvorson, Dallas Halvorson

Forecast (MAD) 78.7

Tyler Rackley, Kevin Jones, Travis Murray, Michael Fitch

Entourage (DIX) 78.4

DC Nash, Ian Galvin, Dusty Schleier, Jeremy Conover

Fifth Element (BABS) 78.4

Brian Fox, Duncan Whinyates, Ryan Jensen

Interlude (ILL) 78.0

Benjamin Light, Mark Servos, Benjamin Mills, Nathan Gross

Average Joes (RMD) 77.9

Jeffrey Hopkin, Danny Ryan, Chaz Chesser, Adam Haggart

Let's Sing! (NSC) 77.7

Greg Zinke, William Doub, Mark Chandler, Steve Tremper

Rocky Toppers (DIX) 77.4

Harrison Cooke, Matt Parks, Mark Beeler, Michael Tipton

Impact (EVG) 76.9

Ted Chamberlain, Ira Allen, Gavin Jensen, Dane Chevassus

The Electric Barbercats (BHA) 76.6

Dan Millgate, Ian Mulholland, Andrew Milner, Ash Schofield

Seventh Degree (CAR) 76.1

Kurt Vogel, Chad St. John, Ken Huber, Joe Schmidt


*Qualified, but withdrawn

2019 International Chorus Contest

CHORUS - Masters of Harmony 2017

Friday, July 5 | Chorus Sessions 1 and 2

The costumes, the dancing, the music - the possibilities are endless at the Chorus Contest. Our lineups feature some of the best barbershop choruses in the world. You’ll hear heart-wrenching ballads, light-hearted comedy, and overtones galore.

View full event schedule here.

Official Order of Appearance

Mic-Tester: Boise Chordsmen (EVG) | Facebook

1. Southern Gateway Chorus (JAD) | Facebook

2. Midwest Vocal Express (LOL) | Facebook

3. Sound of the Rockies (RMD) | Facebook

4. Space City Sound (SWD)| Facebook

5. Sound of Illinois Chorus (ILL)| Facebook

6. Pathfinder Chorus (CSD) | Facebook

7. Palmetto Vocal Project (NSC) | Facebook

8. Voices of California (FWD) | Facebook

9. Ambassadors of Harmony (CSD) | Facebook

10. Singing Buckeyes (JAD)

singingbuckeyes. com | Facebook

11. SmorgasChorus (CSD) | Facebook

12. Music City Chorus (DIX) | Facebook

13. Harmonic Collective (SLD) | Facebook

14. Zero8 (SNOBS) | Facebook

15. Voices of Gotham (MAD) | Facebook

16. Heralds of Harmony (SUN) | Facebook

17. Central Standard (CSD) | Facebook

18. Men of Independence (JAD) | Facebook

19. Toronto Northern Lights (ONT) | Facebook

20. Circle City Sound (CAR) | Facebook

21. The Marcsmen (SWD) | Facebook

22. Northwest Sound (EVG) | Facebook

23. Westminster Chorus (FWD) | Facebook

24. New Tradition (ILL) | Facebook

25. Vocal Revolution (NED) | Facebook

26. Sound of Tennessee (DIX) | Facebook

27. Saltaires (RMD) | Facebook

Click here for the full list of chorus qualifiers and preliminary scores.

Next Generation Varsity Quartet Contest

Quartet Frontier

Wednesday, July 3 | Next Generation Varsity Quartet Contest

Quartets with members who are 25 and younger have an opportunity to perform for an audience of thousands of enthusiastic fans in an electric environment. Come and hear the future of barbershop music live and in person.

View full event schedule here.

Next Generation Varsity Quartet Qualifiers

Wildfire 77.69

Caleb Hayes, Stephen Goldman, Harrison Cooke, Kevin Mendez

Florida, Georgia, Tennessee; representing Dixie District (DIX)

Backline 76.92

Jake Hess, Jordan Guyton, Micah Buck, Andrew Carol

Tennessee; representing Dixie District (DIX)

Eclectones 76.19

Oscar Sotelo, R.J. Esquivas, Mario Yniguez, Brady Larson

Arizona; representing Far Western District (FWD)

City Limits 75.82

Keegan Eich, Aaron Zart, Josh Hughes, Marshall Crowl

Missouri, Indiana, Oklahoma; representing Central States District (CSD)

On the Rocks 74.63

Lance Fricke, Trevor Crawford, Nick Ruiz, Joseph Hartley

Texas; representing Southwestern District (SWD)

Kansas City Barber Q 73.13

Daniel Gore, Stephen True, Austin Grega, Chris Roth

Missouri; representing Central States District (CSD)

The Tune Squad 72.58

Jonathan Lang, Tyler Dohar, Luke Schmidt, Dean Moore, II

Ohio; representing Johnny Appleseed District (JAD)

The Last Drop 72.50

Jonah Lazar, Matt Dolgin, Greg Mallett, Reuven Grajner

Ontario; representing Ontario District (ONT)

Northern Quarter 72.07

Rob Gall, Ciaran Wilson, Seb Marshall, Matt Thomas

United Kingdom; representing British Association of Barbershop Singers (BABS)

One Eleven 71.63

Nicholas Peta, Jonathan Lunden, Thomas Keeping, Adam Del Rosso

New York; representing Seneca Land District (SLD)

Aquamen 71.57

Philip True, Mikael Holst, Anton Alexis-Hallgren, Erik Nordmark

Sweden; representing Society of Nordic Barbershop Singers (SNOBS)

Gents and Tonic 71.57

Keith Waldheim, Johnny Bugarin, Rockne Newell, Grant Hamilton

Colorado; representing Rocky Mountain District (RMD)

On Point 71.57

Gavin Andrews, Daniel Pesante, Timothy Keatley, Alexander Burney

Florida; representing Sunshine District (SUN)

Ictus 71.44

Lance Fisher, Joey Pace, Tyler Horton, Sebi Santiago-Rivas

Maryland, Pennsylvania; representing Mid-Atlantic District (MAD)

Wing It! 70.88

Kyle Fisher, Brandon Zlotnik, Hollis Wilson, Giovanni Castiglione

Ohio; representing Johnny Appleseed District (JAD)

Sunday's Best 70.63

Dean Rowe, Sam Brisbane, Alex Warr, Ryan Chislett

Australia; representing Barbershop Harmony Australia (BHA)

Full Send 70.44

Jordan Peyer, Kyle Fioramonti, Brennan Mathews, Antonio Devereaux

New York; representing Seneca Land District (SLD)

Midnight Brisket 70.07

Cay Outerbridge, Louis Ades, Ben Lewin, Jeremy Marcus

Massachusetts; representing Northeastern District (NED)

Stand-By 70.01

Ryan Sanford, Kyle Feather, Mark Doyle, Carson Kientz

Kansas; representing Central States District (CSD)

Business Casual 69.94

Harrison Patri, Steph Lee, Chris Rodrigues, Eddie McNally

California, Chapman University/Westminster Chorus; representing Far Western District (FWD)