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International Quartet Contest

International Chorus Contest

Next Generation Varsity Quartet Contest

2020 International Quartet Contest

July 1 - 4 | Microsoft Theater

QUARTET - Signature

Wednesday, July 1 | Quarterfinals Sessions 1 and 2

Thursday, July 2 | Quartet Semifinals

Saturday, July 4 | Quartet Finals

The barbershop quartet is the foundation of the art form and our Society. Barbershop’s versatility is boundless. From ballads to up-tunes to comedy, you’ll hear nearly every style of music as renowned quartets from across the world compete for gold on the International stage.

View full event schedule here.

2020 International Chorus Contest

July 2 - 3 | Microsoft Theater

Westminster B

Thursday, July 2 | Chorus Session 1

Friday, July 3 | Chorus Session 2

The costumes, the dancing, the music - the possibilities are endless at the Chorus Contest. Our lineups feature some of the best barbershop choruses in the world. You’ll hear heart-wrenching ballads, light-hearted comedy, and overtones galore.

View full event schedule here


As we announced in July, the chorus contest will be split over 2 days. Chorus order of appearance will be determined by seeding rather than random draw, so every session will be a mix of big names, up-and-comers, and groups making their International debut.

The chorus contest will consist of 17 District Representatives, 10 Wildcards, and 3 Global Alliance choruses - 30 choruses total. Once all chorus participants have been confirmed, they will be ranked by score and seeded in the order below.

View more details about the new chorus contest schedule here.

    Chorus Contest: Session 1

    Session 1 | Order of Appearance

    Mic Tester: Bridge Town Sound

    1. Thoroughbreds

    2. Momentum

    3. The Alliance

    4. Vocal Revolution

    5. Heart of Carolina

    6. Festival Statesmen Chorus

    7. Voices of Gotham


    8. THX

    9. Northwest Sound Men's Chorus

    10. The Marcsmen

    11. Voices of California

    12. Seneca Statesmen

    13. Singing Buckeyes

    14. Sound of the Rockies

    15. Masters of Harmony


    Chorus Contest: Session 2

    Session 2 | Order of Appearance

    Mic Tester: Next Generation Barbershop Varsity Chorus

    16. Voices of Harmony

    17. Space City Sound

    18. Sound of Tennessee

    19. A Cappella Syndicate

    20. Boise Chordsmen

    21. East Coast Sound

    22. Vocal FX

    23. Fog City Singers


    24. Oregon Senateaires

    25. Saltaires

    26. New Tradition

    27. City Lights

    28. Great Northern Union

    29. Parkside Harmony

    30. Central Standard


    Westminster Chorus Swan Song

    Announcement of Results

    Next Generation Varsity Quartet Contest

    July 4 | Microsoft Theater

    Wildfire 0937 1980

    Saturday, July 4 | Next Generation Varsity Quartet Contest & Chorus Festival

    Quartets with members who are 25 and younger have an opportunity to perform for an audience of thousands of enthusiastic fans in an electric environment. Come and hear the future of barbershop music live and in person.

    View full event schedule here.

    Next Generation Varsity Quartet Qualifiers

    Snack Time 78.7

    Ben Sproule, Greg Mallett, Kai Leung, Ben Wright

    Representing Ontario District (ONT)

    City Limits 76.31

    Keegan Eich, Daniel Huitt, Josh Hughes, Jonas Tornqvist

    Representing Central States (CSD), Dixie (DIX), Cardinal (CAR), and SNOBS

    Soundtrack 75.75

    Buck Hinman, Jay Lusk, Patrick Blaha, Michael Adams

    Representing Carolinas District (NSC)

    Post Up 74.88

    Noah Muncy, Caleb Hayes, Noah Dutton, Nathan Schwark

    Representing Dixie District (DIX)

    Brothers in Arms 74.25

    Kevin Juliana, James Isley, Douglas Beach, Jordan Dubois

    Representing Mid-Atlantic District (MAD)

    Brrring 74.25

    John Khammash, Ben Catt, Ryan O'Dea, Lachlan McGuinness

    Representing Barbershop Harmony Australia (BHA)

    The Quin-Tones 73.8

    Jake Lapp, Julian LeFlore, Tommy Hunter, Chris Crawford

    Representing Mid-Atlantic District (MAD)

    On the Wire 73.75

    Joseph DeRosa, Stephen Goldman, Donell Torres, Christopher Keough

    Representing Sunshine District (SUN)

    Promenade 73.75

    Will Harris, Will Lynch, Kieran King, Harry Burt

    Representing Barbershop Harmony New Zealand (BHNZ)

    Noteable 73.5

    Jacob Gonzalez, Timothy Villegas, Emilio Pichardo, Ethan Miley

    Representing Far Western District (FWD)

    Misdirection 73.38

    Chris Cordle, Francesco Logozzo, Nick Ruiz, Will Rogers

    Representing Northeastern District (NED)

    Sound Factory 73.06

    Austin Stephens, David Sedlock, Marcus Falcomata, Alexander Johnson

    Representing Central States District (CSD)

    The Elite IV 72.17

    Ryan Gurreri, Evan Patrick, Scott Cilento, Dan Krackhardt

    Representing Illinois District (ILL)

    Gents and Tonic 72

    Mitchell Jacobson, Johnny Bugarin, Rockne Newell, Keith Waldheim

    Representing Rocky Mountain District (RMD)

    Backline 72

    Jake Hess, Jordan Guyton, Micah Buck, Andrew Carrol

    Representing Dixie District (DIX)

    ChickfiLads 71.94

    Thomas Masse, Ian Wolfe, Jonathan Riviere, Will Bryan

    Representing Mid-Atlantic District (MAD)

    Stratosphere 71.75

    Jack Lundquist, Alexander Ronneburg, Michael Berkson, Louis Ades

    Representing Mid-Atlantic District (MAD)

    BEARbershop 71.5

    Scott Senior, Theodore Allen, Jeong Soo Park, Connor Hahm

    Representing Far Western District (FWD)

    Stand-By 71.5

    Ryan Sanford, Kyle Feather, Mark Doyle, Carson Kientz

    Representing Central States District (CSD)

    The Quad 70.06

    Lucas Revering, Aaron Daniel, Ryan Oktay, Cameron Ho

    Representing Southwestern District (SWD)