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International Quartet Contest

International Chorus Contest

Next Generation Varsity Quartet Contest

2020 International Quartet Contest

July 1 - 4 | Microsoft Theater

QUARTET - Signature

Wednesday, July 1 | Quarterfinals Sessions 1 and 2

Thursday, July 2 | Quartet Semifinals

Saturday, July 4 | Quartet Finals

The barbershop quartet is the foundation of the art form and our Society. Barbershop’s versatility is boundless. From ballads to up-tunes to comedy, you’ll hear nearly every style of music as renowned quartets from across the world compete for gold on the International stage.

View full event schedule here.

2020 International Chorus Contest

July 2 - 3 | Microsoft Theater

Westminster B

Thursday, July 2 | Chorus Session 1

Friday, July 3 | Chorus Session 2

The costumes, the dancing, the music - the possibilities are endless at the Chorus Contest. Our lineups feature some of the best barbershop choruses in the world. You’ll hear heart-wrenching ballads, light-hearted comedy, and overtones galore.

View full event schedule here

Next Generation Varsity Quartet Contest

July 4 | Microsoft Theater

Wildfire 0937 1980

Saturday, July 4 | Next Generation Varsity Quartet Contest & Chorus Festival

Quartets with members who are 25 and younger have an opportunity to perform for an audience of thousands of enthusiastic fans in an electric environment. Come and hear the future of barbershop music live and in person.

View full event schedule here.