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Quartet Festival

Friday, July 2

Quartet Grid CLE2021 1

Quartets of all levels of ability, all backgrounds, and all configurations can now enter videos in a unique new event. The Virtual Quartet Festival offers evaluations and judging by BHS-certified judges in a unique format that will give audiences a huge range of performers to enjoy.

Using videos recorded individually by the entrants, quartet performances in the Virtual Quartet Festival will be staged in typical contest fashion, with standard entrance, two-song set, and exit. This provides a level playing field and relatively simple stage requirements for video recording, without requiring extensive (and potentially expensive) post-production by performers.

To provide full access to ALL singers, there are no membership requirements for participation in the Virtual Quartet Festival. Singers of all ages, all nations, and all combinations are welcome to submit entries for the Festival.

The video submission deadline is June 8, 2021.

Entry requirements and procedures


  • Open to all quartets anywhere — affiliation with a barbershop organization not required
  • Men’s, Women’s and Mixed quartets — all are welcome!
  • Quartets at all levels of ability welcome, from novice to champion
  • Submit your video by June 8th, 2021.
  • Registration for the BHS Virtual International Convention is encouraged, although not required to enter. Paid registration is required for viewing the event.


  • Standard BHS definitions of contestable barbershop as found in C&J Handbook
  • Adjudicated by BHS-certified category judges
  • BHS “festival” rating system — Superior/Excellent/ Outstanding


  • Not a BHS International Quartet Contest — no medals or ranking issued
  • Evaluations and personal scores offered to each entrant

Video Submission Requirements | Entry Deadline: June 8


  • Dress as you normally would for a contest performance, and enter the stage, break between songs and exit the stage as you normally would
  • Your 2-song set must be shot continuously – you cannot record one song at a time
  • Shoot the quartet straight-on with a stationary camera (we want to see the whole quartet from head to toe)
  • Video must be shot horizontally. No vertical videos will be allowed.
  • Record with best possible quality (1080p or 4k)
  • Record in a well-lit space (no windows or mirrors behind your quartet, face a natural light source if possible, etc.)
  • Avoid echo chambers, like stairwells, that will distort your sound
  • No audience required
  • Avoid amplified sound from speakers – DO NOT MODIFY AUDIO QUALITY! (this would make your submission ineligible)
  • Technical questions about staging, recording and uploading? Contact BHS at


  • Label your set with your Quartet Name
  • Make the link Unlisted (not Public or Private)
  • Watch your video to ensure you have a complete, quality upload

Enter the Festival and submit your video by completing this form by June 8.

Chorus Festival

Saturday, July 3

Chorus - Mixed Cleveland dates

The Chorus Festival is open to each chorus that was going to compete or perform as part of the festival during the Cleveland International Convention. Choruses will submit one song and all video performances will be shown in a theater - with no official awards or ratings.