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2021 Virtual Midwinter Convention

A One-of-a-Kind Virtual Barbershop Experience

January 28-31, 2021

The Barbershop Harmony Society 2021 Virtual Midwinter Convention will be like nothing you’ve ever experienced before! This virtual event will capture your imagination and bring everything you love about Midwinter -- the connection, the camaraderie and the harmony -- into the safety of your own home.

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A simple solution for creating connection

The 2021 Virtual Midwinter Convention will be hosted on a custom-built BHS virtual campus using an innovative, interactive event platform called The Echo, which was developed by Event Farm and VirBELA.

2021 Midwinter Convention virtual environment

In the virtual environment, you will be able to create an avatar and interact with other attendees as you would in real life -- just walk up to someone and talk. The application is easy to install and simple to navigate -- you move with mouse clicks or your arrow keys and no special equipment is required.

Virtual meeting opportunities for your local group

Our custom virtual convention world gives almost limitless opportunities to gather and meet up with barbershop friends from around the globe. Each district, global alliance, and other partner organization has the opportunity to host business meetings, casual meet-ups, and hospitality rooms in a virtual space. You might see a historical display about past district champs, catch an impromptu quartet performance, or join a district meeting.

If your chorus or quartet is interested in hosting a hospitality room, please contact your district leadership. If you’re a group within one of our global alliances or partner organizations, contact your organization’s leadership.

Choose your own adventure

Our schedule will give you plenty of different options to watch, learn, meet, and interact. Like an in-person convention, our custom virtual environment gives you the opportunity to barbershop your way.

With the click of a mouse, you can go immediately from a Harmony University education session to the auditorium to catch a show. Or, if you’d like your avatar to walk from one location to another, you might have impromptu encounters with others along the way -- just like walking through a convention hotel lobby. Who knows who you might see?

Discounted pricing available

Members of BHS and all global alliance organizations receive discounted pricing. Anyone age 25 or under, regardless of membership affiliation, qualifies for the youth price.

Save the most by purchasing a registration by November 30.

If you purchased a registration for the 2021 International Convention in Cleveland before October 15th, or carried over your registration from the 2020 convention in LA, you already have a free registration for the 2021 Virtual Midwinter Convention. The BHS Customer Service team will be in touch with you in December on how to complete your registration.

More information coming soon!

In the coming weeks, we will share more information about the schedule, performing ensembles, and meet-up opportunities. We will host live Q&A sessions on Zoom to show you more of the virtual world and how to get around in it.

Most importantly, we will share details about how your chorus, quartet, or singing community can get involved and participate in this one-of-a-kind barbershop experience.

To learn more about The Echo, see this recap video from the May 15th SESH Virtual Music Showcase: