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All Chapter Chorus

About the Chorus

The All Chapter Chorus meets annually at the Midwinter Convention. All 100-200 members prepare their music in advance, ensuring a once-in-a-lifetime mountaintop barbershop experience for all involved.

The All Chapter Chorus is for those who want to prepare medium level difficulty music, and be rehearsed by a gold medal director at the A level.

With three 90-minute rehearsals during the Convention, the All Chapter Chorus opens the Saturday Night Show to a spectacular audience in an electrifying environment.

2020 Participation Information

Join us in 2020 as the Men's All Chapter Chorus performs at the historic Florida Theatre in Jacksonville!

The Music Education team offers both single AND mixed gender singing experiences at our events.

The All Chapter Chorus at the Midwinter Convention is open to all men, including those in the Jacksonville area, singing in the quartet contest, men in the senior’s chorus festival, guys in the youth festival, and your son, brother, or dad who has never tried barbershop. If you would like to sing in a BIG group with other guys, this group is for you!

The 2020 Men's All Chapter Chorus will be directed by Donny Rose, the director of Music Education for the Barbershop Harmony Society. The ensemble will also be coached by voice guru Steve Scott, BHS Music Education staff and long-time BHS coach and judge.

We welcome you join our Men's All Chapter Chorus if:

  • You have a Midwinter All Events registration
  • You purchased your music and tracks ahead of time (no sharing)
  • You learn all songs and have them memorized before Midwinter
  • You attend one or both of the Thursday and Friday night rehearsals
  • You attend the Saturday night dress rehearsal
  • You wear the required clothing for the Saturday night show: white dress shirt, black pants, black belt/suspenders, black shoes and socks, OPTIONAL straight or bow tie of your choice

*If you are looking for a mixed singing opportunity, consider joining our Everyone In Harmony Chorus at the International Convention in Los Angeles! We also offer mixed and single gender experiences at Harmony University - Belmont.

Music Expectations

The All Chapter Chorus is for those who want to prepare medium level difficulty music, and be rehearsed by a gold medal director at the A level.

Show up to our first rehearsal on Thursday knowing all charts at a section leader level or quartet singer level, NOT holding music on the risers, but having it ready to check now and then if you need to visually check your music. You don’t have to have a gold medal voice, but you do need to prepare like a champion!

We will perform a two song tribute to our BHS 1961 quartet champions from Florida, The Suntones:

  • Chordbusters March
  • Where is Love?

Upon registering, participants will receive the music and learning tracks digitally.

The cost to participate is $15 - $45. Please contact with questions, comments, or concerns.


View our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information.