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Frequently Asked Questions

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What’s the schedule for the Virtual Midwinter Convention?

Thursday, January 28 to Sunday, January 31. We’re still finalizing the details, but expect to see many of the things you love about Midwinter -- shows, Harmony University classes, a Keynote speaker, Gold Medal Hours, and a celebration of lifelong singing featuring everything from Next Generation Barbershop to our Seniors.

Will there be shows during the 2021 Virtual Midwinter Convention?

Yes! We are planning to have nightly shows like you have come to expect at our in-person Midwinter Conventions

Will there be the Seniors Quartet Contest during the 2021 Virtual Midwinter Convention?

No, there will not be a formal Seniors Quartet Contest during the convention. However, we are collaborating with the Association of International Seniors Quartet Champions on some of our show content.

Will there be delayed viewing of any of the events or shows?

We plan to release some of the performance video after the convention as is our usual practice. But of course, the best way to make sure you don’t miss anything is to be at the convention “live”!


Can I register multiple attendees at the same time?

No. Each attendee must register separately and use their own individual email address.

Do members of BHS global alliance organizations get member pricing?

Yes! We hope to welcome as many barbershoppers from the global community as possible! Just select the "Attendee (Alliance Organization Member)" ticket type and then your organization.

Are registrations transferable or refundable?

Registrations are fully transferable, but are not refundable. To transfer your registration to another individual, please contact the BHS Customer Service team.

Can I purchase a registration to attend individual days or sessions of the virtual convention?

The registration covers the entire convention including all events and shows. It’s not possible to purchase individual days or sessions.

I purchased my registration for the 2021 International Convention in Cleveland before October 15th (or I transferred my registration from the 2020 International Convention in LA). How do I get my registration for Midwinter 2021?

Thank you for purchasing your Cleveland registration early! The BHS Customer Service team will be contacting you in December with next steps. We look forward to seeing you at Virtual Midwinter 2021!

Navigating in the Virtual World

Can I choose what my avatar looks like? How will people know who I am?

Yes! There are many different clothing and appearance options, so you will have the opportunity to express yourself in the virtual world. Your name will appear above your avatar so that your friends can find you.

You will be required to register your avatar with your real name to avoid cases of mistaken identity.

Is there a separate website I need to go to “log on” to the virtual world? How does that work?

Attendees will receive the link to download the virtual world along with instructions at the start of the event.

How do I move around the virtual world?

It’s easy to navigate your avatar through the virtual world. You can “walk” using the arrow keys, or immediately “teleport” to a new location with a click of your mouse. View our helpful videos and quick guides on the Navigate the World page.

How do I find my friends in the virtual world?

You will be able to easily search for your friends by name and send them a chat request. You could also walk around the campus and see what friends you just might run into.

How do I talk to others in the virtual world?

You can talk to others in the virtual world either using chat and typing on your keyboard, or by speaking through your microphone as you would in any online meeting.

This virtual world sounds pretty cool but I’m having a hard time imagining how it will work to have live performances. Is there an example of what it will be like?

Watch this video for a recap of the SESH Virtual Music Showcase in May.

This avatar thing sounds like a hassle. Can I just watch the shows and attend a few Harmony University sessions?

Yes! We’ve made sure you can barbershop your way. Do as much or as little as you’d like during the convention. But you also might find that navigating with your avatar is easier than you thought… and kind of fun!

How long will I be able to fully understand and explore the world before the event?

The virtual BHS campus will be open to attendees at the start of the convention. There will be plenty of time to login, create your avatar and wander around the campus prior to the first event. During the convention, we will offer guided tours and other opportunities to find your way around.

Who do I contact if I have any problems or glitches during the event?

The BHS customer service team and convention volunteers will be available to help you during the virtual convention, just like at an in-person event.

Technology Requirements

Do I need special computer equipment or software to participate in the Virtual Midwinter Convention?

As long as you have a computer (from 2009 or newer) and can access the internet, you should be able to participate.

What operating systems are supported?

Windows 7 or newer, Mac OS X 10.6 or newer.

What are the hardware​ ​requirements​ ​and ​recommendations?

Graphics Card

  • DX9 with shader model 2.0 capabilities
  • Intel HD3000 or better (Dedicated video card recommended)


  • 2.0Ghz Dual Core CPU or higher
  • Intel Core 2 or AMD Phenom recommended


  • 500MB Available Storage
  • RAM 2GB RAM (4GB recommended)

Do I need a headset and microphone?

It is highly recommended to use headphones with a built in microphone. This reduces ambient noise and echoing caused by using the computer's built-in microphone

Is there a mobile option for visiting the virtual convention?

In developing this virtual world, VirBELA and Event Farm wanted to create an immersive experience as close to “being there” as possible, so they made the strategic decision to not have a mobile option. Some performance video will be available in the weeks following the convention as usual, but you will not be able to attend the convention live on a mobile device.