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2021 Virtual Midwinter Convention

An Online Event | January 28 - 31, 2021

A One-of-a-Kind Virtual Barbershop Experience

The Barbershop Harmony Society 2021 Virtual Midwinter Convention will be like nothing you’ve ever experienced before! This virtual event will capture your imagination and bring everything you love about Midwinter -- the connection, the camaraderie and the harmony -- into the safety of your own home.

Welcome to our 2021 Midwinter Convention!

John Donehower

On behalf of the Barbershop Harmony Society Board of Directors, WELCOME to our 2021 MIDWINTER CONVENTION!

I could have said "Virtual" Midwinter, but that would imply that the convention experience we will be sharing is somehow not quite real. And that is not the case!

Despite the fact that our community will not be in the same place at the same time, I assure you, it's all real!

The performances are real. The classes are real. Our connection is real.

I will miss seeing all of you in person, but I am grateful to share this experience with each of you. Remember that behind each "avatar" you see on your screen is a real live person. Strike up conversations, get to know each other, dive into the experience!

The Barbershop Harmony Society is thrilled to provide us all with the platform to meet, it's up to each of us to bring the reality!

Enjoy, dear friends, enjoy!

John Donehower

2021 Society President