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Virtual Harmony University

Virtual Harmony University

Thank you to all of our students, faculty, and staff for a fun and educational July.

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Virtual Harmony University was a big hit this summer (July 6 - August 1, 2020)! Over 675 students participated in our month of the nearly 300 hours of first-rate education provided by our outstanding faculty.


If you participated in more than 15 hours of education, either live or on-demand, you are eligible to register for CEUs (continuing education units) or graduate credit through our accrediting partner, Adams State University.

Thank you to our VHU 2020 Faculty!

Aaron Dale

Adam Bock

Adam Reimnitz

Adam Scott

Alan Lamson

Alex Morris

Ali Hauger

Allen Otto

Amelia Charnock

Amy Rose

Andrew Rembecki

Andrew Wheaton

Gus Sterneman

Holly Kellar

Jackson Niebrugge

Jake Tickner

Jay Butterfield

Jay Dougherty

Jay Hawkins

Jennifer Cooke

Jeremy Gover

Jernie Talles Millan

Jill Rodgers

Joe Cerutti

Joe Cerutti

Katie Macdonald

Katy Dane

Kevin Keller

Anthony Bartholomew

Ashley Brown

Bev Greene

Bill Hickman

Bob Cox

Brian Lynch

Brian O'dell

Chris Rimple

Christian Hunter

Christopher Loftin

Clay Hine

Cy Wood

Kim Wonders

Larry Triplett

Lee Powell

Manny Lopez

Manoj Padki

Mo Field

Patrick McAlexander

Paul Ellinger

Phil Grant

Rafi Hasib

Ric Keaster

Rich Lapp

Rich Smith

Rob Macdonald

Rob Mance

Ryan Wisniewski

Cynthia Hansen Ellis

Dan Wessler

David Wright

Debbie Cleveland

Devin Bradford

Don Campbell

Don Fuson

Donny Rose

Dusty Schleier

Elizabeth Davies

Eric Dalbey

Gene Spilker

Sandi Wright

Sarah Bradley

Scott Harris

Shana Oshiro

Steve Armstrong

Steve Denino

Steve Tramack

Stuart Sides

Terry Reynolds

Theo Hicks

Tim Beutel

Tim Waurick

Timothy Workman

Tony Colossimo

Tony De Rosa

Trenton Ferro

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