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2022 Virtual Harmony University Private Lessons

Private, One-on-one lessons

Virtual Harmony University will provide the opportunity to engage in in-depth study with amazing instructors in the following areas-- ALL VIRTUALLY:

  • Arranging
  • Conducting
  • Voice

Virtual Harmony University Private Instruction faculty

Steve BaylessConducting, Voice
Kevin KellerArranging
Bryan ZieglerArranging, Voice
Adam BockArranging
Paul EllingerVoice
Jake BartlettVoice
Christopher LoftinConducting, Voice
Patrick McAlexanderArranging
Dan WesslerArranging, Conducting
Kim WondersConducting
Larry TriplettArranging
Ron BlackConducting
Rob HopkinsArranging
Jay KrumbholzArranging
Lucas BitzerVoice
Tom GentryArranging
Caitlin CastelinoVoice
Vincent SandroniConducting, Voice
Nicky McGrathVoice
Brian O'DellVoice
Dominick FinettiArranging
Jackson NiebruggeVoice
Drew WheatonConducting
Alex MorrisArranging, Conducting