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Quartet Coaching

Quartet Coaching at Virtual Harmony University

For those quartets that are able to gather together*, Virtual Harmony University will offers sessions with an international-calibre coach.

Check out the VHU Quartet Coaches, and save your spot today!

Singing Coaches:
Jake Bartlett
Steve Bayless
Lucas Bitzer
Ron Black
Caitlin Castelino
Paul Ellinger
Nicky McGrath
Jackson Niebrugge
Nathan Ogg
Vincent Sandroni
Stuart Sides
Drew Wheaton

Music Coaches:
Paul Ellinger
Alex de Bruin
Joe Cerutti
Tom Gentry
Rafi Hasib
Rob Hopkins
Alan Hughes
Kevin Keller
Patrick McAlexander
Alex Morris
Steve Tramack
Bryan Ziegler

Performing Coaches:
Jake Bartlett
Pat Brown
Paul Ellinger
Cindy Hansen-Ellis
Ali Hauger
Joe Hunter
Christopher Loftin
Marty Lovick
Clay Monson
Jackson Niebrugge
Brian O'Dell
Stef Schmidt

*VHU quartet coaching is intended for quartets singing together in the same location. We invite only quartets who are able to safely gather together in the same room. BHS does not assume responsibility for individuals who choose to gather for this program