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Electives Week at Virtual Harmony University

We'll be offering over 90 live, interactive classes August 2-7.

VHU Electives Banner Week

Fit in your barbershop education around a busy schedule! Our week-long set of elective classes offer 50-minute presentations around topics like recruiting and retaining members, barbershop and singing, arranging panels, small group sessions in conducting, and more. Many are both informational as well as participatory.

If you've attended any of our Harmony University events before, you'll likely recognize many similarities from our elective classes at Virtual Midwinter, Virtual Harmony University 2020, and previous Harmony University Belmont evening and Saturday classes.

PLUS: Bonus saturday electives!

New to Virtual Harmony University 2021 will be elective-style sessions each Saturday afternoon from July 24 to August 2.

VHU Electives Banner New Offerings

These new sessions include: Labs, Panel Discussions, Reading Sessions, and Workshops. Read more about each type below!

ALL elective types are included in both the full registration and the electives-only registration.


Labs are 50- or 110-minute sessions centered around a highly specific topic. Labs are meant to be small, with direct, hands-on experiences with an instructor. Good examples of Labs are "Arranging Labs", small group lessons like conducting or singing, etc.

Panel Discussions

Panel Discussions are 50 or 110-minute sessions centered around a topic and led by a neutral moderator presenting questions to a collection of experts. Panel Discussions are both participatory and informational. Panel Discussions are similar to what you've experienced in VMW, VHU 2020, and previous HUs in the evenings and on Saturday with topics like "Recruiting and Retaining," "Barbershop and Singing," "Arranger Panel," etc.

Reading Sessions

Reading Sessions are 50- or 110-minute sessions that feature music compositions and arrangements. They are similar in structure to what you'd find at a regional or national music conference (NAfME, ACDA, etc.). Reading Sessions are highly participatory, asking attendees to sing music presented on screen while listening to prepared tracks. Reading sessions can be centered around a topic (love, social change, a season) be thematic (Disney songs, Great American Songbook, musical theatre), or feature an arranger's body of work.


Workshops are 50 or 110-minute sessions centered around a topic and are meant to be expository. They are likely more participatory than informational, but should contain elements of each. Workshops are similar to what you've experienced in Virtual Midwinter, VHU 2020, and previous HUs in the evenings and on Saturday with topics like "You Be the Judge" and the "Under Glass" series, etc.