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Free Education Fridays

Set aside your Friday for learning - and fun!

Sponsored by HU Online

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Singers are never done learning, and we want to make sure you and your ensemble can keep growing together. The Barbershop Harmony Society is offering two months of FREE online classes each Friday beginning in late April at 2 p.m. and 7 p.m. (Central Daylight Time).

Each Zoom class will be 55 minutes and leave ample time to engage and ask questions while we learn from each other.

Classes will be capped at 200 students. Only registered attendees for each class will have access to the live class session and the delayed recording. Once concluded, each class then will be available for purchase as a part of our BHS Online Subscription.

PRO TIP: If you'd like access to all of the Free Friday classes but attending live doesn't fit your schedule, consider signing up for a BHS Online subscription. You can subscribe monthly or yearly, gaining access to new online education classes every month. Click here to subscribe!

Explore our free classes below and sign up today!

Date Time (CDT) Instructor Topic
Friday, May 22 2 p.m. Phil Grant Between Rehearsals: Healthy Habits for Healthy Singing
Friday, May 22 7 p.m. Midtown Quartet A Conversation with Midtown
Friday, May 29 2 p.m. Elizabeth Davies The Language of Masterful Coaching
Friday, May 29 7 p.m. Dr. Jim Henry A Conversation with Dr. Jim Henry, hosted by Joe Cerutti
Friday, June 5 2 p.m. Mark Hale Swing!
Friday, June 5 7 p.m. After Hours Quartet A Conversation with After Hours
Friday, June 12 2 p.m. Debbie Cleveland, Darin Drown, and Katie Taylor Using Barbershop in the Classroom
Friday, June 12 7 p.m. Don't Call Me Shirley Quartet A Conversation with Don't Call Me Shirley, hosted by Katie Macdonald
Friday, June 19 2 p.m. Scott Harris and Donny Rose Music Reading Session
Friday, June 19 7 p.m. Justin Miller A Conversation with Justin Miller (Westminster Chorus)
Friday, June 26 2 p.m. Rob Mance How to Build a Virtual Chorus
Friday, June 26 7 p.m. The Newfangled Four A Conversation with The Newfangled Four, hosted by Anthony Bartholomew