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BHS Insider Pilot: FAQs for Members

I’m already a Member or Associate of BHS! What is the Insider for?

An Insider is an entry-level, low-cost, low-commitment way for non-BHS members to be involved with the Barbershop Harmony Society. The Insider option is for people who are just being introduced to barbershop, learning to be barbershoppers, or any music lover who wants to support barbershop harmony. This could be a barbershop fan, your parents, children, grandchildren, fellow singing friends... ANYONE!

If an Insider would like to upgrade to become a Member, they can reach out to Customer Service at or 800-876-SING. They will be given credit for any funds they have already paid.

Why is BHS launching a new model of joining?

When BHS announced our vision of Everyone In Harmony, we committed to diversifying the options for people to participate and engage with the Society. We want to welcome all people who are interested in barbershopping, not just those with the time, money, and inclination to become members. This is the first pilot of a new customized package for people to purchase at the level of engagement that suits them. We hope to learn a lot from this offering, adapting and building from it for future offerings at the Society, District, and Chapter levels.

What do Insiders get for their $30?

For $30 annually, Insiders will receive the following benefits:

* Enjoy a 25% off coupon for your first order at (choose from over 4,000 sheet music titles, audio tracks, and other merchandise), and additional promotions throughout the year (an annual benefit).

* Learn more with Insider access to a selection of barbershop education resources, including videos, articles, and how-to’s with our curated list!

* Get one free piece of sheet music and learning tracks for the song Irish Blessing, to kick-start your barbershop journey!

* Sing even more with a digital copy of our Barberpole Cat Songbook, containing 12 barbershop standard songs known by members Society-wide.

* Join us at our bi-annual conventions and you’ll receive $10 off both the Midwinter Convention held in January and the International Convention in July, plus early access to additional sales and housing information.

* Stay connected via our LiveWire weekly email newsletter, and get online access to current and past issues of The Harmonizer, our official bi-monthly magazine.

What is the difference in benefits given to Associates or Members and Insiders?

Associates and Members receive a mailed copy of The Harmonizer, full access to Member Center and the Document Center, greater discounts on events, and a mailed welcome packet with a card and pin. Associates receive a 10% discount and Members receive a 25% discount off EVERY order at Harmony Marketplace (exclusions apply). Members exclusively retain the benefit of joining Choruses and Quartets and competing in Society competitions.

Do Insiders get to pick the free piece of sheet music and learning track? Is it an annual benefit upon renewal?

We have selected Irish Blessing as the one free piece of sheet music with learning tracks. This is a one time benefit offered upon signing up as an Insider.

Can I switch from Member or Associate to Insider?

No, the Insider is only available to people who are new to the Society. It is still in test mode as we work to make it the best possible offering for our fans. During this pilot period, it is only available for people newly joining or returning to the Society and not our current members.

Can members receive a Person of Note Award/Pin for referring an Insider?

You will not receive a Person of Note Award/Pin for referring an Insider. The Person of Note recognition is reserved for Member referrals only.

Are Insiders considered members of BHS?

Insiders are an important and valued part of the BHS family, but do not qualify for member benefits such as member discounts or contest eligibility, and may not register a BHS quartet. Any Insider who wants to get even more involved can upgrade to Member by contacting Customer Service (, 800-876-SING). You will be given credit for any funds you have already paid!

Can Insiders join my local chapter/chorus/quartet?

We’d love for Insiders to join you in your chapter, chorus, or quartet, but first they will need to register as a Member of BHS. At this time, only Members are eligible for chapter, chorus, or quartet membership.

I referred a friend who became an Insider, but now they want to become a member mid-year? Can they do that?

We would love to have people upgrade from an Insider to a BHS Member. Insiders can upgrade by contacting Customer Service (, 800-876-SING). You will be given credit for any funds you have already paid!