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BHS Finance Q&A

BHS Finance Q&A Session

A number of questions have come up regarding the detailed financials of BHS and Harmony Foundation International (HFI).

As mentioned in our FAQ document that accompanied the announcement of our new philanthropic strategy, the two organizations conduct a joint audit each year by an independent audit firm: Nashville-based KraftCPAs PLLC.

Dig into the numbers

In support of full transparency, we are providing the completed audits from the past few years in a public Google Folder for anyone who wants to dig into the numbers.

The 2019 audit is available at the link below.

Zoom Sessions

Society Board Treasurer John Santora and BHS CFO Erik Dove walk through the numbers and answer questions in these BHS Finance Zoom sessions.

BHS Finances: Introduction

BHS Finances: Q&A Session, 06/17/2020

BHS Finances: Q&A Session 06/18/2020