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2022 Midwinter Convention in Nome, Alaska!

Happy April Fools Day from the Barbershop Harmony Society!

We hope you've enjoyed our April Fools Day fun.

See you in (sunny) Jacksonville!

Sing Under the Northern Lights!

Nome, Alaska | January 19 -22 | #BHSNOME

Join us January 19 - 22, 2022 in snowy Nome, Alaska for a Midwinter experience you won't soon forget!

Hosted by the Midnight Sons Chorus of Anchorage, Alaska at the Nome Mini Convention Center, we'll be joined by Jewel, a 17-time Platinum singer-songwriter and actress originally from Homer, Alaska.

This beautiful, remote location gives your quartet or chorus the chance of a lifetime to not only compete on the big stage, but to sing tags all night long under the northern lights!

Can't Wait? Prefer the sun?

Register for Midwinter 2020 in Jacksonville, FL today!

Housing and Transportation

Headquarters Hotel

"The Best Accommodations in Nome Alaska"

Aurora Inn & Suites

302 Front Street

Nome, Alaska 99762

The Aurora Inn & Suites offers ocean-views of the Bering Sea and 52 rooms, each with complimentary WiFi and sauna access (first come, first serve).

While it's too early to book your hotel room, check out the video to see all that Nome and Aurora Inn & Suites has to offer!

Getting There

Just 539 air miles north of Anchorage, Nome is not located on the Alaska Highway System.

Other than flying, this unique and remote city can only be reached via water and some snowmobile/dogsled trails. No ferries serve Nome.

There are three scheduled passenger flights per day from Anchorage, operated by Alaska Airlines.

Experience Nome

There's plenty to do when you're not busy singing!

Priscilla Du Preez 507057 Unsplash


I heard it can get chilly in Alaska. What should I wear?

According to visitnomealaska:

"The important thing to remember in the sub-arctic is to always be prepared. The weather can change rapidly here. In the spring/summer it is always a good idea to dress in layers, temperatures can range from the 40’s to the 80’s. A lightweight water/wind resistant jacket, and a rain jacket are good articles of clothing to have handy when in Nome, as well as a comfortable pair of walking shoes and if you are hiking bring an extra pair of socks, the tundra can be quite marshy and your feet might get wet.

In the winter, the extreme cold of the arctic winter can be extremely dangerous with wind chill plummeting temperatures to as cold as -60. It is important to have the proper cold weather gear when planning a trip to Nome: a warm jacket, hat, gloves, scarf, snow or ski pants, warm socks, and very warm boots are all basic gear to bring with you.

If you are planning a trip into the country, do research on the proper gear to obtain before you travel."

Will there be cell phone service?


I am not interested in taking an ice bath. Will there be hot water at the Headquarters Hotel?

Will anyone be available to assist me with my dog sled?

You may hire a personal dog-sledding valet for $99/hour* for the duration of your stay.

Otherwise, there are many great video resources available to help you learn how to control your dog sled on YouTube:

*A 48-hour minimum, or $4,752 (not including tax) is required.

Why Nome, Alaska?