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COVID-19 Resources for Barbershoppers

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COVID-19 Information

Live Updates and Statistics

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Guidance and Planning for Ensembles

Joint Statement on SARS-CoV-2 Vaccinations and Best Health Practices

UPDATED June 23,2021: The National Association of Teachers of Singing Voice Science Advisory Committee, the American Choral Directors Association, Chorus America, the Barbershop Harmony Society, the Performing Arts Medicine Association, the Pan American Vocology Association, Opera America, and National Collegiate Choral Organization strongly recommend that all singing teachers, choral conductors, collaborative pianists, and singers eligible to receive an FDA authorized vaccine follow CDC guidance and become fully vaccinated as soon as possible.

COVID-19 Interim Guidance for BHS Ensembles and Singing Communities

In light of the current public health emergency, we are all wondering when we might be able to safely sing together again. Just as we understand that voices united in song can make a positive and meaningful impact on ourselves and those around us, we should also recognize that we must work together to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

This guide includes background information around COVID-19, discusses how the choral ecosystem has responded in light of the science behind the virus, guidance for all singing communities, including quartets and choruses, and considerations around insurance.

The Drive-In Rehearsal: Singing Safely During the Pandemic

An innovative solution of wired microphones, dusty analog sound mixing consoles, and a FM transmitter helped this chorus start rehearsing again.

Science, Data, and the Near-Term Future of Singing Webinar

“A marathon, not a sprint”: a panel of scientists and leading arts administrators are framing the conversation of what we’ll need to know to understand the implications of singing together.

Planning for your choir in uncertain times

Access the "Planning for Your Choir in Uncertain Times — A Framework” PDF below, created by Dr. Brendan Lord of Choir Alberta.

As referenced in the National Webinar on COVID-19 and Choral Music in Canada, presented by Choral Canada and the nine provincial choral organizations: British Columbia Choral Federation, Choir Alberta, Saskatchewan Choral Federation, Manitoba Choral Association, Choirs Ontario, Alliance choral du Québec, New Brunswick Choral Federation, Nova Scotia Choral Federation, Choral NL).

Singing over the internet - is it possible? - a resource from BinG!

This initial question preoccupied not only the German barbershop association BinG! but virtually all singing groups, regardless of their size and style, after the pandemic turned our hobby into a "hazardous" activity. Many initiatives were subsequently revived or restarted around the globe with the aim of bridging the necessary physical distance.

In our project, however, we were not concerned with approaches to reduce the risk of infection through greater physical distance - singing with great spacing outdoors or in empty parking decks, singing in cars, and the like - but with singers completely separated spatially who nevertheless sing at the same time.

Very quickly it became clear that common video conferencing systems do not allow this because the runtime of the data over the Internet does not allow true simultaneity. However, there were and are several software products that minimize this so-called latency to such an extent that simultaneously sung chords are actually possible.

Virtual Activities

Using Zoom to Stay Connected

Zoom is a web video conferencing tool that is being used by the BHS and singing groups across the world to stay connected and engaged. We use Zoom instead of other applications because it allows us to connect easily and to speak with each other without any hassles.

Zoom Tutorials for Choirs with Jordan Travis

Resources for BHS Leaders

BHS Announcements

2021 Virtual Harmony University

2021 Virtual International

Additional Information

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Additional Helpful Links

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