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EZDues Explained

How the EZDues method can work for you

Smaller monthly payments make staying up-to-date on your membership a breeze

EZDues is our monthly payment method for members who have a hard time making large annual payments, for members who don’t want the hassle of remembering to renew on time, and for new members who are looking for a lower starting cost to get singing.

EZDues members must first pay their annual dues and from then on pay smaller, easier payments monthly. Every payment made extends their expiration date out another month, always keeping them with a full year of membership dues paid.

How does it work?

Step 1

When it's time to renew, the first step is to complete the payment-in-full for the current year.

Then, in addition to the first full year's dues, you pre-pay one month's worth of dues paid at the end of the current month. This will be applied to the same month in the upcoming year.

Step 2

At the end of the month, you'll continue making automated monthly installment payments towards the upcoming year's dues. Continue this process until...

Step 3

...12 months have passed! Your new member card is on its way and your dues for the upcoming year are already paid in full. Congratulations! You then continue making monthly payments, keeping a year of dues paid for at all times.

For example:

Let’s assume the following information is true:

Annual Dues



Your monthly payment on the EZ Dues plan: $194 / 12 months = $16.17

In summary, as a renewing member you first pay $194 to renew. Then, you pay $16.17 at the end of that month, and $16.17/month from then on.

What about for New Regular Members?

When you first join, rather than paying the full amount, you’ll pay 50% off the regular* dues rate for all of your membership dues**, plus the $10 processing fee. You are now a member in good standing for a full year from the date your application is processed!

Then, at the end of the month that you join, you make your first monthly payment, which is based on the dues that you would normally owe divided by twelve.

For example:

Let’s assume the following information is true:

Annual DuesAmount

enrolling in EZ Dues, your first payment as a new member is: $194 (+ $10 processing fee) = $204

Your first payment with EZ Dues enrollment: $194 x 0.5 = $97 (+ $10 processing fee) = $107

Your continuing monthly payment on the EZ Dues plan: $194 / 12 months = $16.17

Please note: All dues payments are non-refundable.

* This is true regardless of dues class, except for new Youth members. Y1 members still only pay the $10 processing fee.

** Although we strongly encourage chapters to offer the half price discount for the first year, chapter dues are always left up to the discretion of the chapter board of directors.

Get Started

Download and fill out this application, then email it to

We will then notify you we have received the form and get it set up on your account.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will the money be withdrawn?

Payments are processed at the end of each month, on the third-to-last business day. For questions about a specific month, contact us at

How can I pay?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. You can also pay via automatic bank draft. Please note that your initial payment must be made with either a card or a completed (not voided) check.

What if I need to update my payment information?

If your payment information changes or you just want your payments taken out of another account, you'll need to notify us of that change. You can log into the Member Center at, and on your profile page click "Add/Update Payment Info". You can also fill out the form and indicate that you are updating your information, or contact Customer Service for assistance.

What happens if I miss a payment?

If we are unable to process your payment, you will receive an email notification to update your payment information in the Member Center. At the end of the month, our system will automatically attempt to catch you up. If we are unable to take a payment for three months in a row, your EZ Dues payments will be cancelled and you will go back to the annual renewal system.

If I fall off of EZDues how do I get back on?

If you have decided to stop the monthly payments or have fallen off of the program involuntarily you can return to the program by paying for the number of months missed. This payment would be taken out at the regular time EZDues comes out (the 3rd to last business day of the month). Alternatively you can wait for your annual renewal date, renew in full, and then be put back on the program.

Will my monthly payments change?

Since your payments are determined by your BHS, district and chapter dues, your payments may change if any of these dues rates increases/decreases, or if you drop or add subscriptions.

What if I’m a current or previous member? Can I pay monthly?

Yes, existing members can get on EZ Dues as well, but what you need to pay will vary. Please contact Customer Service for more details.

What if I don’t want to make payments anymore?

You can cancel anytime! (Note: cancellations in the first six months are subject to revocation of the initial 50% discount). Once your payments have been cancelled, you will continue on an annual renewal cycle.

What if my membership classification is going to change? When will my monthly payments change?

The EZDues program recognizes when you are approaching a change in membership and will adjust your dues amount a year before you qualify for the change. This way you aren't charged any more or any less than you would owe!

How can I apply online?

Currently you are unable to sign up for this program in Member Center. The best way to complete this online is to download and fill out the EZDues application, then send it to We will then notify you we have received the form and get it set up on your account.