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Project Connect makes it easy share the joy of barbershop

During these challenging times, we’re making it easier than ever for people to be a part of our worldwide family! The Barbershop Harmony Society will do whatever it takes for you to begin —or CONTINUE—your barbershop journey.

Welcome aboard! Join or rejoin BHS for 1/2 off!

Barbershoppers all over the world are finding ways to stay engaged when physically gathering isn’t possible. Our quartets, chapters, and districts are providing a ton of virtual offerings and so is Harmony Hall!

  • Have you been thinking about making it official and joining the Barbershop Harmony Society?
  • Have you been a member before and are thinking now is the time to come back?

With the wild times we’re in, we are happy to offer a discount on your initial membership dues.

Through December 31, 2021, you can join the BHS for ½ off your BHS dues!

Reinstating members, now is the time to come back. This offer is also available to members who had to let their membership lapse before December 31, 2019!

Making dues manageable at renewal: we’ve got you covered

Now is the time we need to sustain each other. If you need help paying your Society dues during this critical time — we’ll help you. We’ll work it out with you.

We would rather have our members remain with us, giving their time and talents to their local chapter, than leave the wonderful barbershop community altogether - especially during a time when we need each other most.

If you need a 25% discount on your Society dues, we can do it. If you need more, we can do that, too. Call the Customer Service Center at 800-876-SING and we’ll work with each member individually to find an amount that makes Society dues manageable. We are offering this throughout all of 2021 so every member can take advantage of this offer if they need it.

If you don’t need the help, don’t take it. We trust you. If you need it, we’ve got your back; and if you don’t, please, help other people stay on board. (Heck, you might even offer to pay someone else’s dues!)

We fully expect that on the other side of the pandemic, you’ll continue to renew, and keep giving back to your chapters, your districts, your quartets, and your Society.

Current members: Person of Note referral bonuses

Get rewarded when you spread the joy of singing! The Person of Note Award is a long-standing tradition of the Barbershop Harmony Society to honor current members who introduce new people to barbershop. For every member referred, the Society presents a pin in the shape of a music note inscribed with the number of new members sponsored. It’s no surprise that member referrals are the most popular reason given from new members for how they heard about BHS (at 40% of the responses). We’d like to challenge YOU to continue the efforts of growing our singing family!

Now through December 31, 2021, we will be giving out Person of Note referral bonuses. If you refer a member to BHS and they list you as their Person of Note, in addition to your pin, you will receive $10 off your membership renewal! In fact, for EVERY member you refer during this time period, you will receive $10 off your membership renewal.

The maximum discount amount is up to one year of your Society dues and your name must be entered upon the initial sign up of the new member (whether online or through a paper application). For more specifics on the details, including instructions on how to name a Person of Note, please see the FAQs below.

We want to reward our members for helping grow the Society as a whole. Singing with our friends and the community we build is WHY we continue to sing in this amazing hobby of ours!


How do I take advantage of Project Connect?

Please email Customer Service at or call 1-800-876-7464 and mention “Project Connect”. A representative from our team will give you a call to renew you at a discounted rate, which will be discussed live on the phone.

Can I get a refund on dues that I have already paid?

Thanks so much for renewing your membership already! Project Connect offers dues relief for those who are not able to renew without the assistance.

Does this apply to chapter/district dues as well?

It does not. We will cannot make an adjustment to district or chapter dues unless directed by the leadership. However, several districts and chapters have already lowered their dues in a similar response to the hardships created by the pandemic.

If I don’t pay the full amount, will I keep the same access, years of service, and benefits?

YES! Everything will be exactly the same. We’d rather you be with us than leave BHS or your local singing community. All we ask in return is that you give your time and talents to your chapter.

My membership has already expired— can I renew now and still get some dues relief?

Yes. Just contact Harmony Hall at 1-800-876-7464 and mention “Project Connect.” The customer service team will work with you to find an amount that works for you.

If I can only give you a part of my dues now, can I pay the rest once I land on my feet?

For sure! For anyone who can pay more than their dues now or in the future, you can donate to Your donation will help support membership dues relief efforts in 2021.

Can I pay more than my dues as a charitable donation?

YES! That’s totally fine - you’d pay full price for your dues, and then donate what you can to membership efforts and our singing communities via Your donation will help support membership dues relief efforts in 2021.

Is this only for my personal membership? What about a similar deal for my quartet?

Correct! This is only for your personal BHS dues. We run promotions for quartets from time to time, but we do not have a discount for quartets at this time. We DO have quartet options at different prices - feel free to try out a different quartet level if the benefits better fit your quartet!