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World Voice Day 2020

March 17, 2020 UPDATE

All in-person events previously planned for April 16 are cancelled due to COVID-19

The Barbershop Harmony Society takes the health of its members and community seriously. We encourage everyone to find ways to stay connected as a barbershop family during this time. Stay healthy, observe the local recommendations around gathering and social distancing for your community, and connect with your fellow barbershoppers virtually, online, or by phone. We can still keep singing, even if we're not able to gather in the usual ways.

About World Voice Day

"Focus on Your Voice"

World Voice Day is designed to share the excitement and importance of the singing voice — including the vocal arts, voice science and pedagogy — with the public and with funding bodies, joining forces and uniting goals with groups around the world.

With participants from health practitioners, academics, and vocalists, World Voice Day serves to heighten awareness of and appreciation for healthy singing. Learn more at

This year's theme, FOCUS ON YOUR VOICE, was chosen by the Voice Committee of the American Academy of Otolaryngology–Head and Neck Surgery.

Become an advocate for healthy singing or learn what you can do to improve your vocal health techniques today.

    Vocal Health Tips

    Become an advocate for healthy singing!

    Download and share the Vocal Health Tips and Benefits handout.

    • Stay hydrated! Reduce caffeine and alcohol intake. Check if your medicine dehydrates.
    • Be mindful of how much speaking or singing you do, and stop when you feel fatigued.
    • Avoid competing with a noisy environment, e.g. restaurants, noisy machinery. Never yell!
    • Smoking, including vaping, is particularly irritating to the vocal folds.
    • Avoid excessive throat clearing or coughing.
    • Avoid excessively acidic foods.
    • Pain, hoarseness, loss of control or range, and rapid vocal fatigue are all warning signs. Seek a competent voice health professional.

    Online Voice Lessons and Assessments (Sold Out)

    with Singing Health Specialist Steve Scott

    Please note: these lessons are now sold out.

    For questions, comments or concerns, please contact Steve Scott at or 800.876.SING

    Free Online Voice Assessments

    The Barbershop Harmony Society provides a free service of voice assessments. A voice assessment is intended for singers who are concerned about their vocal health and would like a second set of ears to listen and evaluate before going to a medical professional. The Society employs Steve Scott, a Singing Health Specialist trained to help injured singers to recover from a vocal trauma. He will evaluate the self assessment, run the singer through a small series of singing tasks, and guide the singer toward likely next steps.

    Voice assessments will be conducted via video chat platforms, such as Skype, Google Chat, etc.

    The results of a voice assessment will be one of three:

    1. You will receive an "all-clear"
    2. You will receive a recommendation for voice therapy or lessons
    3. You will receive a recommendation to see a health professional, such as an Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) specialist

    If you, a quartet-mate, or a fellow chapter member has a concern about their voice, they should see a voice care professional.

    Free Online Voice Lessons

    The Barbershop Harmony Society offers private lessons and coaching online (using Skype, Google Chat, etc.) that utilizes cutting-edge teaching techniques to ensure proper, healthy, sustainable singing that can last a lifetime.

    Ask any singer, any quartet, or any chorus that has worked with our top-notch team of vocal health experts and they’ll tell you that it is truly amazing how even the smallest adjustments to head, neck, and body position can create a more relaxed, free vocal instrument, enabling the voice to perform at its maximum potential.

    Whether you’re a beginner singer or a seasoned barbershopper, you will benefit tremendously from receiving this top-notch guidance towards a path of healthier, more successful singing performances.

    About Steve Scott

    Steve is an active a researcher, presenting at national and international music conferences.

    His research interests include the biophysiology of the barbershop singing voice, barbershop acoustics, and barbershop history. He is a certified Singing judge and is a frequent faculty member for Harmony University where he teaches voice techniques and vocal pedagogy.

    Steve is active as a voice teacher, youth chorus clinician, coach, and chorus director, and has sung in various quartets and choruses, including the medalist chorus Central Standard of Metro Kansas City, where he served the chapter as Vocal Coach.

    Steve is busy earning his Ph.D. in Vocal Pedagogy from the University of Kansas, and holds an M.A. in Vocal Pedagogy, an M.M. in Choral Conducting, and a Singing Health Specialization from Ohio State University.