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Meet the Insider!

Exploring New ways to barbershop

An important goal of our Strategic Vision has been to expand the traditional one-size-fits-all model of barbershopping, and welcome all people who are interested in barbershop with new models beyond the traditional membership. After much preparing and planning, we’re ready to begin testing a new pilot program!

Meet the Insider!

Insider is a new pilot program that we’ve created to promote to a select test audience. It’s designed as an entry-level, low-cost, low-involvement (meaning, low-commitment) way for non-BHS members to be involved with the broader barbershop community. Potential Insiders may be people new to barbershop, those that have attended a performance and are interested in learning a little more, or simply enthusiastic music lovers that want to support barbershop music!

Our initial pilot audience includes non-BHS members that have interacted with us recently by signing up to receive our LiveWire weekly newsletter or by streaming our International convention online via FloVoice.

For the cost of $30 a year, Insiders receive benefits tailored to the barbershop newbie. Those benefits include a one-time discount at BHS Marketplace and for our conventions, a curated list of barbershop resources to introduce them to the best of barbershopping, and some digital sheet music (including the original Barberpole Cat Songbook). All of these offerings (and much more) are already available to members.

Insider is designed for non-BHS members, and does not provide BHS membership, access to participate in competition, or the ability to join a chapter.

Right now, Insider is just in a pilot phase, and only being promoted to a few predefined audiences as we assess the response and adjust as needed. In this initial phase, we’re making sure that we have the value exchange right, ensuring that the value of what we’re providing meets -- or preferably exceeds! -- the monetary cost. You’ll hear more from us in the future as we refine the program and open it to a wider audience. Stay tuned!

Interested in more information? Here’s a list of Frequently Asked Questions!