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Seven methods to pay your dues... only one requires a computer!


Of the seven available methods, six require no computer, six involve no additional fee, and three can be completed by mail for no additional cost once a form is printed.
  1. Pay online at (no fee)
  2. Sign up for EZ Dues automatic monthly payments (no fee)*
  3. Send credit/debit card payment info by mail (no fee)
  4. Send credit/debit card payment info by FAX (no fee)
  5. Provide credit/debit card payment info by phone at 800-876-7464 (no fee) 
  6. Coordinate payment with a friend, family member, fellow chapter member, or chapter secretary. You pay them, they pay on your behalf using any of the above methods. (no fee)
  7. Send check by mail ($10 fee)**

* Not currently available for Associates
** Allow 2-3 weeks for processing. $10 fee recoups high check-processing costs.

NOTE: Checks are still accepted for BMI/ASCAP fees, music licensing, or insurance payments without a check fee, as there is no online payment option available.
For assistance, contact our Customer Service Team at 800-876-SING (7464) or