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Students hit high note with Barbershop Extravaganza | Phoenix

October 22, 2014

Young choruses in the International Youth Chorus Festival at the 2015 Midwinter convention are ramping up right now, and we're starting to se some nice press coverage. Here's a nice piece on the Chandler Men's Chorus.
You might not expect to hear barbershop music from high schoolers, but that's exactly what you'll hear at Chandler High School.A student group that will be performing on the concert "Barbershop Extravaganza" held next Tuesday, October 21. The students are hosting this concert to help raise money for their trip to New Orleans where they will be participating in a barbershop convention.The group of students taking part in the concert is very diverse. "We have guys from all parts of the campus," says Lori Lyford, Chandler Choir Director. "We have athletes, we have dancers, actors, mathematicians. We have experts in every field. They just love to sing." via Students hit high note with Barbershop Extravaganza | Phoenix.