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Virtual HU Leadership Seminar: Meet the Faculty

Learn from some of the Society's certified leadership facilitators!

Meet the faculty for Virtual HU’s Leadership Seminar

The Leadership Seminar is set to be a highlight at Virtual Harmony University. This 12 session program will guide you, inform you and support you as you become the leader that your organization needs.

Check out class details and registration info here.

Your guides are a cadre of Leadership Operations Team (LOPT) Certified Facilitators who are active BHS members with an abundance of expertise and experience!

Meet the instructors:

Christian Hunter

Christian Hunter – Christian is the Vice President of Membership for the Mid-Atlantic District; 2013 and 2014 Chair of the Membership Committee; Governance & Bylaws Committee; Member at Large on the Mid-Atlantic District Board of Directors for many years, a member of its Nominations Committee, as well as a member of the BHS Operations Team.

Alan Lamson

Alan Lamson Alan has been a BHS member since 1981, Past chapter and district president, International President 2011-12, LA/COTS instructor/dean, SCJC Contest Administrator 2007-present, NED Yankee Division Seniors Quartet Champion.

Manny Lopez

Manny Lopez – Manny is an active quartet singer, with collegiate quartet “Varsity”, the male quartet “Exclamation” and currently singing lead in mixed quartet “Southern Stride”. Most recently Manny was certified as a Leadership Facilitator in BHS, to achieve successes beyond just the music.

Bill Hickman

Bill Hickman – Bill is a 40 year member of the Society who can’t seem to sit still, having sung in 6 districts, 10 choruses and numerous quartets. He is a Certified Leadership Facilitator for the Society and is currently President of the Bellevue, Washington Chapter.

Bob Cox

Bob Cox – Bob is a 46 year Society Member; Chapter President (1979-80, 1995-96, 2017-18), District President (1997-98), Society Board (1999-2000), COTS/Leadership Facilitator (1996-Pres), International Convention Chair (1992 & 2012), District/Society Ethics Committee (2017-Pres), Multiple Committee and Chair positions at Chapter/ District/Society level.

Chris Rimple

Chris Rimple – Chris has served in multiple Chapter and District officer roles, is a BHS Leadership Operations Team Certified Facilitator, and has instructed at Harmony University, Harmony Colleges, and Regional Leadership Academies.

Terry Reynolds

Terry Reynolds – Terry is a 36 year Society Member, BHS Leadership Operations Team (LOPT), Alexandria Harmonizers Assistant Director (1993-present), Chapter President (2014-15), Chapter Executive Director (2016-18), COTS/Leadership Facilitator (2000-Present), Certified Trainer Chorus Director Workshop Intensive (CDWI) (2001-Present).

Beverly Greene

Beverly Greene – Beverly has been active in local Barbershop support for over 20 years in many roles, and became a BHS “Member” day one of EiH availability in June 2018 (Associate member prior). She is currently an LOPT Certified Leadership Facilitator, NSC District Leadership Academy Dean, Chapter VP of Marketing & Promotion, and co-presenter and co-author of the Compellingly Attractive Chapter Meetings workshops (CACM).

Rob Macdonald

Rob Macdonald – Rob is a 40-year member with BHS, he is a founding member of his chapter and served multi-years as chapter President, Secretary and Music VP. Rob was EVG's District President 2015-16, served 7 years on the Board and now is Director of Events for the EVG District.

Trenton Ferro

Trenton Ferro – Trenton has been a BHS member since 1975. In first group of trained Chapter Counselors. Society Leadership Task Force, Society CSLT, COTS Chapter Counselor & Leadership Instructor, Certified Leadership Facilitator. JAD Board. ILL 2013 Seniors Quartet Champion.

Don Fuson

Don Fuson – Don has been a Society member since 2000; Registered Quartet Member (2001-present), Chapter President (2001-2004), COTS Leadership/Presidents (2002-present), CSD District President (2007-2008), International Board (2011-2014), International President (2015-2016), Society Finance Committee (2015-2020), Society LOPT Facilitator (2017-2020), District Seniors Quartet Champ (2013), International Seniors Chorus Champ (2020).

Ric Keaster

Ric Keaster – Ric has been a Barbershopper (tenor/bari/bass) since 2015; BHS Leadership Facilitator (since 2017); District Director of Administrative Leadership (2020); Huntington (WV) Tri-State Chapter President (2016-2020); 27 years Faculty/Administration in Higher Education; Professor Emeritus – Educational Leadership – Western Kentucky University.