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What's it like to have the Best Seat in the House? Ask Len.

You've read before about this great way to see all the action from in front of the front row.Now, find out what the experience was like from Best Seat winner Len Clements, Sr. Or, jump in to the auction yourself at

A week or so before my 75th birthday and approaching my 56th year as a member of the Oshawa Chapter, I was made aware that my beautiful wife, Carol, had been bidding on the Best Seat In The House Auction for me and won!

Bidding for the Best Seat in the House begins a couple of weeks prior to the District Convention. You can bid on one or all of the Contests, Friday night Quartet Semi-Finals, Chorus Contest or Saturday night Quartet Finals. Within each Contest you can choose between three categories, Singing, Music or Presentation. Her winning bid allowed me to judge at the Friday night Quartet Semi-Finals in the Presentation category. I studied up as much as possible to get a good grasp on this category.

I arrived early to meet the Chairman and Judges and become familiar with my part in this contest. They had a chair ready for me at the big table, dead centre, looking up at the microphone. They gave me a scoring sheet and treated me with such respect and consideration. My responsibility was to watch and listen, note comments on the score sheet, then assign a number and hand the form to the Chairman.

Following the announcement of the quartets who qualified for the Saturday Night Finals, I joined the Judges in their suite for food and drinks. Not being allowed to discuss the position of the finalists, we reviewed the scores of the eliminated groups. My role was to keep all of the information confidential, and while they tallied my scores, none of those were included in the totals.

This was the opportunity of a lifetime for me. God bless you Carol! I would heartily recommend this program. It not only gives you the opportunity to see “behind the scenes” but your bid also supports Harmony Foundation (or for Canadians, Sing Canada) to ensure the music that brings such joy to your life will also enrich the lives of others!