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July 26 - August 2, 2015

Men and Women 25 and Under?

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Harmony University

This event should be on every barbershopper's "bucket list." Coming to Harmony University means you can enjoy a potpourri of classes offered, all geared to help you grow in your understanding of music, your performance, and our techniques for singing, directing, arranging, and even tuning! During your meal times, sit with your society hero's and listen in, ask questions, and even take a quick selfie! Harmony University classes are enlightening, engaging, and fun, and the extra curricular activities, the late night tagging, and all the ice cream you can eat will make you long for more hours in the day.

Because our school is becoming so popular, each college within Harmony University has a capacity and will close when it reaches this number. We do this to ensure we can meet the needs of the broader society, not just the needs of our quartets, or music educators, or arrangers...we must help the entire society. Last year we sold out, and all indications are we will sell out again in the spring. You will need to register in one of our five colleges below. These schools are:

Performing Arts College

(Quartets, one of our chapter choruses, Next Generation Chorus, Young Women In Harmony Chorus, or Coaching Apprentice Program)

This is for our students who attend as part of an organized singing group. Participants will have 2 two hour sessions (one in the morning, then again at 4 PM). Students will have the opportunity to take electives classes at 2 PM and/or 3 PM, or simply rest. You choose! If you have no idea what to register for, look at our first year course suggestions. See more details...

Harmony College


This is for our barbershop singers who want to get better in their craft. It may be singing, arranging, or learning more about all those techniques that help us look and sound so much better! If you are ready to learn from some of the best teachers in the world, come get immersed for a week! See more details...

Directors College

(Front line or aspiring directors)

You are a student who wants to learn more about your directing craft. You will have opportunities to take conducting technique class, music theory, and many rehearsal strategies to bring back home! If you have no idea what to register for, look at our first year course suggestions. Build your director skillset...

Music Educators College

(Certified music teachers in our schools and universities)

This is for practicing music teachers who wish to learn more about our style of music. Continuing education credits available. Most have little experience with barbershop, but like to grow in their knowledge of A Cappella styles. These students start each day with a music teachers seminar, but then can choose from dozens of course offerings that tweak your interest. If you have no idea what to register for, look at our first year course suggestions. See how educators can benefit from HU's barbershop resources...

Leadership College

(Chapter leaders or aspiring leaders)

Chapters never have enough time to grow leaders in the way we grow singers. Let's take a week to look at how we lead, how to grow your chapters from dying or surviving to thriving. Learn from our societies experts, collaborate, and get ready to go back home energized and ready to turn the ship around. Don't worry, your 4th hour of classes will let you take 1 of over 20 course offerings so you can sing or learn about music. Learn leadership skills from the best...

Video tutorials:

How to do I register for Harmony College, Leadership College, or Directors College?

My chorus is attending HU... how do I register for Chorus College?

How do I select my classes? What to click:

Selecting Classes:

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How do I know that I am registered?

Harmony University is amazing.

Every lunch will have elective offerings for junkies that simply can't get enough. A Gold Medal Hour with Musical Island Boys, how to be a great tenor/lead/bari/bass, an open mic stage for quartets to strut their stuff. 1 to 2 PM Monday to Friday. No sign up...just show up.

Every morning learn a new song, a new tag, and more about your craft in the General Sessions

Honors chorus, under the direction of Aaron Dale! Click here for more details...

Monday through Thursday, attend our 90 minute master class offerings. Watch arrangers work out difficulty passages side by side, watch coaches under glass work with groups and explain the coaching process. No sign up...just show up.

On Friday, watch the parade of quartets and cheer on your favorites

Learn how to coach like the people at HU! Our coaching observer and coaching apprentice program is one of our most highly rated program. Fill out the online application.

Office hours! That's right, all our faculty will set aside 1 hours a day for you to seek them out and get extra help, answer questions, or just fawn.

Want to be part of a quartet? Why not join our harmony brigade class...it's so big it's the Extreme Harmony Brigade. This has an extra cost associated. Download the online application.

30 minute private lessons Tuesday-Friday in conducting, arranging, and singing. You may sign up for more than one lesson if you wish. Lessons are $25 each, and are part of the registration process.

On Saturday, take what you learned to Nashville in multiple venues, accompanied by a coach with feedback. Then do the same performance in another venue, and get more feedback. Students not in the performing arts college can sing with the Harmony college chorus on our general session music, or just spend the day visiting beautiful downtown Nashville.

On Saturday night, enjoy the show of all shows, ending with our 2014 champs, Musical Island Boys.