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Junior Quartets & Choruses

Who Can Sing? Everyone!

Next Generation Barbershop offers premier destination events for high school age singers, including men’s, women’s, and mixed-voice quartets and choruses. Don't just show up and sing - show up and dive deep at our annual Midwinter convention!

QUARTET - Polaris youth

Junior Quartets

For Male, Female, and Mixed Voices, Ages 18 & Under

The Junior Quartet Contest gives teenage singers a platform to make music together in a peer-ranked environment during the annual Midwinter convention. 4 Singers + 1 Song = Magic!

CHORUS - youth women

Junior Choruses

For Male, Female, and Mixed Voices, Ages 18 & Under

It’s a mountaintop experience: hundreds of young voices ringing in harmony for an enthusiastic audience at our annual Midwinter convention. The Next Generation Barbershop Junior Chorus Invitational gives your chorus the perfect mixture of fun, education, and opportunity for recognition and achievement, with some of the costs subsidized by your host!