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Next Generation Barbershop

100% pure a cappella. No tracks. No AutoTune. No instruments.

Discover the shared immersion of voices in perfect harmony. Next Generation Barbershop helps singers up to age 25 discover a sound that's uniquely their own. With easy video entry, exciting destination events, and funding for travel and lodging, our distinct programs for singers in grades 6-12 and post-high school offer ensemble options to fit your skills and interests: men’s, women’s, or mixed voice quartets and choruses. Make amazing vocal harmony, regardless of age or experience!

QUARTET - Pratt Street Power 2016 nextgen

Varsity Quartets & Choruses

For ages 25 & under. Step up to your biggest stage ever

Varsity Quartets and Choruses have the chance to perform at our annual International convention. Discover a sound that’s uniquely your own and launch a lifetime of singing.

CHORUS - youth

Junior Quartets & Choruses

For ages 18 & under. Come and sing with us!

Learn how you can perform at our next Midwinter convention! Next Generation Barbershop offers premier destination events for high school age singers, including men’s, women’s, and mixed-voice quartets and choruses. Don't just show up and sing - show up and dive deep!

MUSIC - Barberpole Cat II

Suggested Song List

Need help finding songs for Next Generation Contests and Festivals?

This list contains arrangements which have all been done in past Society quartet contests. If you have questions about the contestability of an arrangement not on this list, feel free to contact us!

GENERAL - stage mic 2


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Sharpen up your Barbershop Skills - and showcase them!

Get access to our online and in-person classes and hone your musical knowledge, or stop by our Marketplace for new music. You'll be ready for your next show in no time!