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Harmony Platoon in 2023

Unlimited Harmony

Get placed into a pickup quartet and make friends from all over the world!

Event Informal Singing

Learn a few challenging and rewarding songs ahead of time, then get placed into a pickup quartet and compete in a fun, exciting, and friendly competition. You'll make friends from all over the world and create memories to last a lifetime!

You will be provided charts and part-predominant and full mix learning tracks for all songs. Learn them COLD so that everyone can be guaranteed to sing with fully prepared singers!

Register now for access to tracks and charts for:

Title Arranger Contestable Track Artist
A Little Street Where Old Friends Meet Sam Breedon Yes! Tim Waurick
Who Told You Lou Perry Yes! Tim Waurick
Bye Bye Love Tom Gentry Show Tim Waurick
So Much In Love David Harrington Show David Harrington
If I Had My Way (optional difficult song) David Harrington Yes David Harrington

2023 Harmony Platoon: One Price, Multiple Events!

    February 8-11, 2023
  • 2023 Fall SWD Convention
  • 2023 Summer RMD Harmony College and 2023 Fall RMD Convention
  • 2023 Spring FWD Convention, April AZ Division Convention, and FWD Fall Convention
  • 2023 Fall Evergreen District Convention

$29 USD* gives you:

  • CHARTS and all LEARNING TRACKS for all 5 songs (every part predominant and full mix).
  • More QUARTET SINGING than you ever did at a convention (before Platoon came along).
  • A quality QUARTET CHALLENGE that is exciting, fun, and memorable.
  • NEW FRIENDS from all over North America (and beyond) who can’t wait to sing with YOU!
  • Official color-coded Harmony Platoon LANYARD to locate other HP singers ALL WEEK.

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