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Harmony Platoons

Unlimited Harmony

Get placed into a pickup quartet and make friends from all over the world!

Event Informal Singing

Learn a few challenging and rewarding songs ahead of time, then get placed into a pickup quartet and compete in a fun, exciting, and friendly competition. You'll make friends from all over the world and create memories to last a lifetime!

You will be provided charts and part-predominant and full mix learning tracks for all songs. Learn them COLD so that everyone can be guaranteed to sing with fully prepared singers!

2024 Harmony Platoon: One Price ($29) for ALL Events!

Date Event City, State Day of Week & Time (if known)
March 22-23 Sunshine District Spring Convention St. Augustine, FL Friday & Saturday
April 19 AZ Division Convention Avondale, AZ, Friday afternoon & evening
April 26-27 Rocky Mountain District Spring Convention & Rocky Mountain District Harmony College Cheyenne, WY Friday & Saturday
June 13-14 Harmony College Northwest - EVG District Harmony College Tacoma, WA Thursday & Friday
September 26-27 Rocky Mountain District Fall Convention Cheyenne, WY Thursday: 1:00 pm & 6:00 pm; Friday: 8:30am
October 3-4 Southwestern District Convention TBA Friday & Saturday
October 3-4 Evergreen District Convention Portland, OR Friday & Saturday
October 17-18 Far Western District Fall Convention Riverside, CA Thursday night & Friday AM
October 17-18 Sunshine District Fall Convention St. Augustine, FL Thursday & Friday

Register for access to tracks and charts for (must learn the first four):

Title Arranger Contestable Track Artist Note
Beyond the Sea Kevin Javier Yes! Bobby Darin iconic song – and contestable!
I Don’t Mind Being All Alone  BHS Show BHS (Tim Waurick) Fun classic @ 1926
Let the Rest of the World Go By Kirk Roose Yes! BHS (old school "masked singer") Classic that Yesteryear turned gold in 1997, @1919
I’m Beginning to See the Light Marshall Webb Yes! Platinum gold in 2007

Bonus Challenge Song (Difficult)

It is Well with My Soul David Harrington Show Platoon’s first ever tenor melody.

Very Challenging, Very Optional BONUS Song

Favorite Pair of Pants Dominick Finetti & Will Lynch Yes! Brand new song!

$29 USD* gives you:

  • CHARTS and all LEARNING TRACKS for 6 songs (every part predominant and full mix).
  • More QUARTET SINGING than you ever did at a convention (before Platoon came along).
  • A quality QUARTET CHALLENGE that is exciting, fun, and memorable.
  • NEW FRIENDS from all over North America (and beyond) who can’t wait to sing with YOU!
  • Delux color-coded Harmony Platoon LANYARD to locate other HP singers ALL WEEKEND.

Registration Information

Payment Options

ONLINE- Two Options

1. Using, send $29* to (use Friends and Family option).

2. Using Venmo, send $29 to @rosyeb (NOT roseyb)


To send a check by mail, please email for USPS mailing address.

To expedite the delivery of your music, please send an email to with the following information:

  • Name and address
  • Singing part(s)
  • Email address
  • Mobile phone number
  • Platoon locations you are considering attending

For More Information:

If you would like to explore other payment methods or receive more information, feel free to contact Harmony Platoon Chairman Don Salz at or (916) 813-2959.

*Canada addresses must add US $5 to cover additional postage.