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The LiveWire e-newsletter is the Society’s weekly roundup of information on news, events, and stories of interest. View some of our most recent issues below, and fill out the form to sign up and stay up-to-date!

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Recent Issues

  • Livewire 2021-10-14
    A train song • Midwinter registration next week! • Big ideas • Board to elect HFI Trustees • Better alignment
  • Livewire 2021-10-07
    Community chorus win! • Nominate a teacher • Thriving chapters • Thank the new judges • Ghastly goodness
  • Livewire 2021-09-30
    A new chorus charters! • A new look in Pioneer • Super-charge your quartet • See the sun • See the light!
  • Livewire 2021-09-23
    Long goodbye • Virtual hospital cheer-ups • Senior quartet contest * Listen up • Teach everyone to sing!
  • Livewire 2021-09-16
    VHU Choir premiere • 3,000 videos to watch • Focus on happiness, and succeed • Back to the '70s
  • Livewire 2021-09-09
    Why teens love barbershop • Remembering 9/11 • Jobs at HQ • A sweet tag, with interesting numbers • The bells!
  • Livewire 2021-09-02
    Focus on recruiting • Annual Report • Sentimental ballads • Signature’s Motown medley
  • Livewire 2021-08-26
    A Minute With Marty • Treasures in the basement • Remembering Mel Knight • Recruiting Roundtable • Show premiere!!
  • Livewire 2021-08-20
    Farewell, Joe • Aca-shuffle of hosts • Board elections • Board sends letter to Foundation • Harmony as sung by Harmony
  • Livewire 2021-08-12
    Contest Entry • Keep Learning • Elvis Week!
  • Livewire 2021-08-05
    200 ways singing is good for you • More Big Ideas • COVID Guide updated • Sing like champs • Wa-a-a-ayback machine
  • Livewire 2021-07-30
    Vocal Spectrum Live • Reinstatements • Write a song!
  • Livewire 2021-07-23
    Little Apple • VHU fun! • Earn your black belt • Pure BAWBERSHAAAAWP! • A Beautiful Tag
  • Livewire 2021-07-09
    Westminster swan song • Big Ideas this Sunday • Start arranging • Romance!

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