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Founded in 1938, the Barbershop Harmony Society wants more people to have the opportunity to experience the joy of singing. Join us as we work with community leaders, music educators, and people of all ages to live better lives through song.


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Because barbershop changes lives

Join a network of tens of thousands of singers who live to share the joy of music with others. From vocal development to free music to discounts on conventions, merchandise, and education opportunities, members receive countless benefits, the least of which is access to a worldwide community of like-minded, harmony-loving people.

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There are so many ways to get involved

Discover the benefits of becoming a member, an associate, or a lifetime member. You are invited to be a part of something big!

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Become a member and join one of our 650+ chapters across North America...or start your own!

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What makes a barbershop quartet so unique?

Is it the close harmony, the consonant four-part chords, or the intuitive voice leading? Perhaps it's a combination of these, and more. Discover the joy of pure harmony and fellowship that this unique art form can bring. Become a member and start your quartet journey today!

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