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EDU - Class - Scott

Vocal Health

Scientists say singing boosts the immune system.Singing strengthens the immune system, according to…

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Choruses and quartets: eager to put your music in front of the world?

Every radio show needs music. Rick Faulkner, a 47-year Barbershopper, is the host of the A Cappella…

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A New Look for!

We’re excited to soon share with you a new and improved look for, ready to be…

BHS Online Education

New online education classes announced!

The Barbershop Harmony Society is proud to present the fall session of BHS Online Education…

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Many hands make light work: Society leadership teams in action!

Many hands make light work The twelve members of the Barbershop Harmony Society Board of…

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Changes to Mission, Purposes, and Code of Ethics approved by Society Board of Directors

Changes to Mission, Purposes and Code of Ethics approved by Society Board of Directors On September…

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FAQ: BHS website refresh and new Document Center

Our refreshed website makes it easier for newcomers to learn more about the barbershop world. This…

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NAfME joins with Society to honor life-changing music educators

The Barbershop Harmony Society works to build an awareness of the intrinsic value of singing and…

COMPETITION - Judge panel

Society Contest & Judging Committee publishes revisions for 2018

Society Contest & Judging revisions for 2018 Competitions presented by the Barbershop…

Alex Harmo 9321

Kristin Berkey-Abbott: The Beauty of Barbershop and All Its Inspirations

Living barbershop from the inside, it’s always refreshing for us to step away and hear barbershop…

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Order your 2018 International photos from Read Photography now!

At every Barbershop Harmony Society Midwinter and International Convention, Read…

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