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Every minute of the day can be filled with harmony, with these great video channels, radio stations and and podcasts.

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BHS YouTube Channels

Must See Barbershop
A whirlwind tour of superb entertainment!

Have a laugh with the Barbershop Comedy Playlist
The whole world wants to laugh. This will do it.

Wayback When-sday
Newly restored treasures from the vaults. New tracks premiere every Wednesday morning at 11:15 Central time.

Livewire featured videos
Videos featured in the weekly Livewire email newsletter.

Barbershop is...
Learn how BHS expands its reach to countless lives through music, fellowship, education, performance, and outreach to new communities of singers.

Legacy Quartet Championship Finals
All the greatest quartets that never won the gold... head-to-head!

Everyone in Harmony Stories
Everyone in Harmony Stories illustrate how communities of barbershoppers are living the BHS Strategic Vision of “Everyone in Harmony” -- engaging in their local community, celebrating lifelong singing, practicing radical inclusion to share the joy of harmony singing with others, and barbershopping their way. #everyoneinharmony

24 Hours of Barbershop
Just keep listening, and listening, and listening...

Recent International Contest Playlists • YouTube

Highlights from the Barbershop Harmony Society's annual International Quartet and Chorus Contests • YouTube

2023 International Contests

Follow your favorite playlists:

2023 Midwinter Festival and Contest

2022 International Contests & Festival

2019 International Contests - Salt Lake City

2019 AIC Show Highlights

2019 Saturday Night Spectacular

2019 Chorus Finalists

2019 Quartet Finalists

2019 Quartet SemiFinalists

2019 Quartet Quarter-Finalists 1

2019 Next Gen Varsity Quartets

2018 International Contests - Orlando

2018 AIC Show Highlights

2018 Saturday Night Spectacular

2018 Chorus Finalists

2018 Quartet Finalists

2018 Quartet SemiFinalists

2018 Quartet Quarter-Finalists 1

2018 Next Gen Varsity Quartets

2017 International Contests - Las Vegas

2017 AIC Show Highlights

2017 Saturday Night Spectacular

2017 Chorus Finalists

2017 Quartet SemiFinalists

2017 Quartet Quarter-Finalists 1

2017 Youth Barbershop Quartet Contest

2016 International Contests - Nashville

2016 AIC Show Highlights

2016 Saturday Night Spectacular

2016 Chorus Finalists

2016 Quartet Finalists

2016 Quartet SemiFinalists

2016 Quartet Quarter-Finalists 1

2016 Youth Barbershop Quartet Contest

2015 International Contests - Pittsburgh

2015 Chorus Finalists

2015 Quartet Finalists

2015 Quartet Quarter and Semi Finals

2015 Collegiate Barbershop Quartet Contest

Podcasts + Radio

Barbershop 7th Hour
from Acaville Radio

Jeremy K. Gover, Barbershop Harmony Society Video Production Manager, hosts The Barbershop 7th Hour, a weekly show on that features the best the barbershop world has to offer. From the classics to modern favorites to deep album cuts to rarely heard live performances, Thursday nights at 8p Eastern/5p Pacific has become a must-listen hour of radio for barbershoppers and a cappella fans everywhere.

Shop Talk
from Acaville Radio

A weekly show that rotates hosting duties among four teams:

  • Amy Rose and Don Rose
  • Fatima Whelan and Bill Colosimo
  • James Pennington and Matt Parks
  • Mason Eubank and Roman King!

Let's Talk Barbershop
with Nicholas DiLorenzo

Let's Talk Barbershop is a weekly barbershop talk show featuring current events, guests, and music.

Harmony UK Podcast
with John Beesley

John Beesley’s Harmony UK podcast delivers some of the best production values in barbershop broadcasting. This is “must hear” barbershop.

American A Cappella Podcast
with Mike Maino and Jamie Jones

Mike Maino and Jamie Jones explore a wide range of close harmony, including barbershop, on American A Cappella.

Harmony Time
with Tyler Smith

This weekly half hour of barbershop music has been on the air since 2011! Dive into the archives for hours of listening!