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Year/Site Quartet Champs Chorus Champs Seniors Champs Collegiate/Varsity Quartet Champs
2024 Raise The Roof
2023 Midtown Ambassadors of Harmony Let's Sing! Full Effect
2022/Charlotte Quorum Music City Chorus One Foot in the Stave Clementones
2021/no event -- -- -- --
2020/ -- -- Hearsay --
2019/Salt Lake City Signature Westminster Chorus DoubleDouble Wildfire
2018/Orlando After Hours The Vocal Majority St. Croix Crossing Frontier
2017/Las Vegas Main Street Masters of Harmony Party of Five Flightline
2016/Nashville Forefront Ambassadors of Harmony High Priority Pratt Street Power
2015/Pittsburgh Instant Classic Westminster Chorus Saturday Evening Post Trocadero
2014/Las Vegas Musical Island Boys The Vocal Majority Faces 4 Radio The Academy
2013/Toronto Masterpiece Toronto Northern Lights Border Patrol The Newfangled Four
2012/Portland Ringmasters Ambassadors of Harmony Rusty Pipes Lemon Squeezy
2011/Kansas City Old School Masters of Harmony Over Easy Prestige
2010/Philadelphia Storm Front Westminster Chorus Resisting-a-Rest Swedish Match
2009/Anaheim Crossroads Ambassadors of Harmony Audacity The Vagrants
2008/Nashville OC Times Masters of Harmony Eureka! Ringmasters
2007/Denver Max Q Westminster Chorus Friendly Advice Road Trip
2006/Indianapolis Vocal Spectrum The Vocal Majority Antique Gold Musical Island Boys
2005/Salt Lake City Realtime Masters of Harmony Texoma Sound Men in Black
2004/Louisville Gotcha! Ambassadors of Harmony Downstate Express Vocal Spectrum
2003/Montreal Power Play The Vocal Majority The Barons HEAT
2002/Portland Four Voices Masters of Harmony Chicago Shuffle Catfish Bend
2001/Nashville Michigan Jake New Tradition Chorus Harmony Reprise
2000/Kansas City PLATINUM The Vocal Majority OVER TIME Millenium
1999/Anaheim FRED Masters of Harmony Tri-County Reclamation Project Station 59
1998/Atlanta Revival Alexandria Harmonizers Jurrasic Larks Prime Cut
1997/Indianapolis Yesteryear The Vocal Majority Saturday's Heroes Freefall
1996/Salt Lake City Nightlife Masters of Harmony Fatherly Advice Four Voices
1995/Miami Beach Marquis Alexandria Harmonizers Reminisce Stop the Presses
1994/Pittsburgh Joker's Wild The Vocal Majority The New and Improved Industrial Strength Mini-Chorus The Real Deal
1993/Calgary The Gas House Gang Masters of Harmony Rockies IV Heritage Station
1992/New Orleans Keepsake Southern Gateway Chorus One More Time Waterstreet Junction
1991/Louisville The Ritz The Vocal Majority Old Kids on the Block
1990/San Francisco Acoustix Masters of Harmony Grandma's Beaus
1989/Kansas City Second Edition Alexandria Harmonizers Bayou City Music Committee
1988/San Antonio Chiefs of Staff The Vocal Majority Silvertones
1987/Hartford Interstate Rivals West Towns Chorus Close Harmony Tradition
1986/Salt Lake City Rural Route 4 Alexandria Harmonizers George Baggish Memorial Quartet
1985/Minneapolis The New Tradition The Vocal Majority
1984/St. Louis The Rapscallions Thoroughbreds
1983/Seattle Side Street Ramblers Phoenicians
1982/Pittsburgh Classic Collection The Vocal Majority
1981/Detroit Chicago News Thoroughbreds
1980/Salt Lake City Boston Common Dukes of Harmony
1979/Minneapolis Grandma's Boys The Vocal Majority
1978/Cincinnati Bluegrass Student Union Thoroughbreds
1977/Philadelphia Most Happy Fellows Dukes of Harmony
1976/San Francisco The Innsiders Phoenicians
1975/Indianapolis Happiness Emporium The Vocal Majority
1974/Kansas City The Regents Thoroughbreds
1973/Portland Dealer's Choice Southern Gateway Chorus
1972/Atlanta Golden Staters Phoenicians
1971/New Orleans Gentlemen's Agreement Chorus of the Chesapeake
1970/Atlantic City Oriole Four Dapper Dans of Harmony
1969/St. Louis Mark IV Thoroughbreds
1968/Cincinnati Western Continentals Pekin Chorus
1967/Los Angeles Four Statesmen Dapper Dans of Harmony
1966/Chicago Auto Towners Thoroughbreds
1965/Boston Four Renegades Miamians
1964/San Antonio Sidewinders Border Chorders
1963/Toronto Town and Country Four Pekin Chorus
1962/Kansas City Gala Lads Thoroughbreds
1961/Philadelphia Suntones Chorus of the Chesapeake
1960/Dallas Evans Quartet Chordsmen
1959/Chicago Four Pitchikers Pekin Chorus
1958/Columbus Gaynotes Dixie Cotton Boll
1957/Los Angeles Lads of Enchantment Californians
1956/Minneapolis Confederates Ambassadors of Harmony
1955/Miami Beach Four Hearsemen Janesville Chorus
1954/Washington, D.C. Orphans Singing Capital Chorus
1953/Detroit Vikings Great Lakes (Note: the first "invitational" chorus contest took place in 1953, with the first "official" chorus contest taking place in 1954.
1952/Kansas City Four Teens
1951/Toledo Schmitt Brothers
1950/Omaha Buffalo Bills
1949/Buffalo Mid-States Four
1948/Oklahoma City Pittsburghers
1947/Milwaukee Doctors of Harmony
1946/Cleveland Garden State Quartet
1945/Detroit Misfits
1944/Detroit Harmony Halls
1943/Chicago Four Harmonizers
1942/Grand Rapids Elastic Four
1941/St. Louis Chord Busters
1940/New York Flat Foot Four
1939/Tulsa Bartlesville Barflies