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BHS donors make an impact!

BHS Donors are making a difference

In 2022, generous donors to the Barbershop Harmony Society have made an impact across all facets of the Society. Here are just a few ways that our emphasis on program impact and sustainability will ensure a thriving future for barbershop harmony.

We energize young singers

HOW: Donor support brought three choruses to the Next Generation Barbershop Junior Chorus Festival in Pasadena

IN 2022: Despite travel restrictions that grounded many registered groups, three youth choruses made their way to the 2022 Midwinter Convention, where they earned roaring applause and appreciation for their artistry.

Watch the choruses

IN 2022: Our impact

  • 170 singers experience unforgettable “mountaintop moments” on stage
  • 85% of the youth singers in the Next Generation Barbershop Festival at Midwinter plan to continue singing barbershop after high school.

HOW: A unique partnership with songwriters, arrangers and youth choruses created six brand new songs!

IN 2022: Working with Nashville Songwriters Association International, students collaborated through the entire creative process — from idea, to lyric, to song, to arrangement, to performance.

See the collaboration between the Anna Coyotes Chorus, songwriter Alex Ruwe, and arranger Wayne Grimmer

See the collaboration between the Columbus High School Chorus, songwriter Niki Smart, and arranger Robert Rund.

IN 2022: Our impact

  • Six newly commissioned songs added to the worldwide barbershop repertoire, uniquely suited to young singers
  • 89 students in the Next Generation Barbershop program were able to take a fantastic trip to Nashville for superb coaching and custom video performance as an alternative to attending the Midwinter Convention in light of the pandemic

We preserve barbershop

HOW: Video archives + new releases

We add more than 500 songs per year to our YouTube channel, which reaches more than 185,000 subscribers annually. That same mix of historical preservation (curating treasures of the past) and innovation (making new things of beauty) means listeners can stumble into barbershop while looking for a current pop song…and be led into classic barbershop gems.

Watch Wayback Whens-Day treasures

Share the Barbershop Comedy and Must See Barbershop playlists to hook new viewers on barbershop

IN 2022: Our impact

  • Our aggressive growth on YouTube brings more than 16 million views each year
  • Viewing community continues to grow with more than 10,000 new subscribers each year
  • The tremendous spin-off effect: mention “barbershop” to folks today, and they actually know what you’re talking about.

HOW: Photo archives

We’re unlocking thousands of still photos from the vaults and sharing widely to preserve our history.

See our photo collections on Flickr

IN 2022: Our impact

  • More than 3000 new photos shared
  • More than 2.2 million page views of archival photos over the last three years
  • Hundreds of comments: “You’ve shown me my grandfather’s quartet from the 1950s… pictures we never knew existed!”

We support music education

HOW: Recognize excellence alongside our partners at NAfME

IN 2022: Barbershop Harmony Society and the National Association for Music Educators (NAfME) awarded Katy Dane Music Educator of the year, surprising her in Texas and encouraging Katy and other music educators like Katy.

Katy later appeared on the widely-viewed Kelly Clarkson talk show, where the American Idol winner credited own middle school teacher for profoundly altering the course of her life.

How: Provide music educator scholarships for Harmony University

IN 2022: Harmony University — the premier education event of the Barbershop Harmony Society — granted 13 full scholarships for music educators currently working in public or private vocal music education, with priority to first time attendees.

The Music Educator and Director Scholarships are provided in part by the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) which has awarded a grant to the Barbershop Harmony Society, enabling these scholarships— a great example of how BHS programming has attracted attention from a renowned national arts funder.

Our impact

See what educators say about the HU experience

We build thriving singing communities

HOW: Certified BHS Ambassadors supporting chapter concerns and offering resources

To ensure BHS programming directly supports the needs of its singing communities, staff and a volunteer corps of Certified Ambassadors are proactively reaching out to chapters to for one-on-one listening and consultation sessions.

IN 2022: Our impact

  • More than 91 listening sessions conducted by Certified Ambassadors
  • The International Convention in Charlotte offered sessions for face-to-face consultation

Our impact

  • IN 2022: More than $115,000 was designated for chapters and districts from individual gifts.

Our impact

  • IN 2022: 13 chapters consulted directly with BHS staff to learn about local fundraising.