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The History of the BHS Contest & Judging System

The History of the BHS Contest & Judging System

Join Kevin Keller on a journey through BHS contest and judging history. Each episode of this 11-part video series is approximately one hour long, with new episodes releasing every few weeks over the coming months.


Longtime judge and barbershop historian Kevin Keller shares his meticulous research into the history of contests and judging in the Barbershop Harmony Society. Kevin invites us into a deeper understanding of our past, and the powerful impact that the contest experience has on so many barbershop singers.

Part 1: The Dawn of SPEBSQSA Contest and Judging, 1939 - 1943

We take a look at the earliest society contests from 1939-1943 and how quartets were judged. We will look at the criteria (or lack thereof) that quartets were judged upon and the struggles the initial judging systems encountered.

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Part 2: The Early Years, 1944 - 1950

We look at the myriad of changes as our society grows and interest increases in quartet competition. No matter what is tried, we’re not hitting on success yet.

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About the Author

Kevin Keller has been a member of the Barbershop Harmony Society since 1978. A certified Music Judge since 1998, he served as Music Category Specialist from 2008-2010 and Chairman of Contest and Judging from 2012-2015. He has a rich history of both chorus and quartet experience. He was an assistant director with AoH as it rose up the ranks to winning gold, as well as taking small choruses to higher levels. He has won two district championships as a quartet singer and finished as high as 6th place internationally with Cheers! in 2003. He coaches quartets and choruses of all calibers. He is recognized throughout the barbershop world as an accomplished arranger, teacher and coach. Kevin was recently inducted into the BHS Hall of Fame.