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You are invited to be a part of something big

We invite you to join a network of tens of thousands of North American singers who not only sing for their own happiness, but who live to share that joy with others.

We’re working with community leaders, music educators and others to transform lives through song. We view anyone who promotes singing as a friend and co-traveler on our mission — no matter what type of music they want to sing.

WATCH: Listen as Marty Monson, CEO of the Barbershop Harmony Society, explains what our organization is all about and how YOU can get involved!

Experience the gift of harmony

Back in 1938, the founders of our Society stumbled onto something quite profound: The joy and transformation that comes with four voices singing together.

General Mixed Group Singing 2

Our members fully embrace and understand the mysterious alchemy of singing together, and want to share it. This gift of harmony that our founders stumbled into, this gift that we have been entrusted with preserving and encouraging, this gift of the alchemy and joy of singing together, is too wonderful for us to keep to ourselves. It is a gift that we are not only compelled to share, but one that we now have the capability, resources and unity of purpose to share with everyone.

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Three ways to join

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While Society membership is open to everyone, please check with your local chapter to understand the membership options available for that group.


You might consider becoming a Member if…

  • You want to connect and sing with a like-minded community of artists
  • You want to join a chorus or form a registered quartet
  • You want to receive discounted pricing on barbershop merchandise, music and events
  • You want to receive the latest news and trends in the world of barbershop harmony through our Harmonizer magazine (6 issues per year), weekly newsletters, and a monthly members-only orientation program on what it means to be a barbershopper


You might consider Associate status if…

  • You want to receive specific benefits and discounts, such as a online subscription to the Harmonizer magazine and a discount on music and merchandise at our Marketplace shop site, at a lower cost than membership
  • You want to connect with the Barbershop Harmony Society family without maintaining membership in a chapter, district, or quartet

Associate status is open to everyone. If you are a current member that would like to change to Associate status, please contact Customer Service at for assistance. More detailed information about the coming changes will be available later this year.

Lifetime Member

You might consider Lifetime Membership if…

  • You want access to all the benefits that come with Member status, and
  • You expect to be a member for another ten years or more
  • You want a permanent connection to the Barbershop Harmony Society
  • You want to commemorate a special barbershop occasion

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Instructions for the Paper Application

Download, print, fill out, and mail the form to Customer Service at 110 7th Ave. N, Nashville, TN 37203-3704.

Alternatively, if you desire, you may fill out the form, scan it, and submit it digitally via email to

You may also fax the completed form to us at: 615-313-7620.