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Convention Housing FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions: Convention Housing

Am I required to stay at the hotel(s) designated by BHS?

If you are choosing to stay at a hotel, then yes. According to the BHS General Statements of policy (Sec.8, letter B):

“All persons who register for any annual or midwinter Society convention and who utilize commercial housing accommodations and/or facilities at such convention are required to book those accommodations and/or facilities only through the convention housing bureau, agency, or procedure designated by the Society in connection with such convention. In addition to the other disciplinary actions provided for in Society governing documents, violation of this policy may result in revocation of convention registrations without refund and, if a contest competitor, ineligibility to compete in contests held at the convention.”

How does this improve my convention experience?

  • Proximity to the performance venue; we always aim to get our contest housing as close to the venue as possible
  • Rooms close to your friends and other barbershoppers
  • Designated late-night singing areas that will not disrupt other hotel guests

What does the Society gain by attendees staying in the designated hotel blocks?

  • Access to hotel facilities such as rehearsal rooms, space for our HU Classes, afterglow areas, tag zones, meetings, Harmony Marketplace, etc.
  • Increased bargaining power for reduced hotel rates, as well as increased buying power
  • Funds/grants to keep attendee registration rates as low as possible
  • Funds/comps/discounts toward BHS staff and judge housing
  • Ability to book future convention destinations at the best possible rates

Why do we reserve convention hotels when there may be other “low budget” options nearby?

Limited-service hotels do not typically have the accommodations we need to host our larger events, including the hundreds of classes and special meetings that take place throughout the week.

What if I live close enough to drive, or if a friend lives nearby and allows me to stay with them?

Neither of these situations would conflict with our policy, and are allowed.

Am I able to stay at an AirBnB or a similar option? Would my quartet or chorus be disqualified from the contest?

This is allowed and would not cause disqualification. Here are a list of the options that are also permitted and would not cause disqualification:

  • Airbnb and/or similar type of private rentals
  • Completely free rooms - using points or employee comps
  • Timeshares
  • Motorhomes / RV
  • Stay with friends or relatives
  • Stay at your own home
  • Campgrounds