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General Information

What is a BHS club?

A BHS club is a group of individuals who enjoy harmonizing but do not require the legal benefits or additional resources provided in becoming a recognized BHS chapter.

What is the difference between a club and a chapter of BHS?

* A BHS club is a group of individuals who enjoy harmonizing but may not require the legal structure or additional resources provided in becoming a recognized BHS chapter.

* A BHS chapter is a subordinate organization of the Society incorporated in its local state/province that is eligible (in the U.S.) to receive non-profit status under the Society’s IRS group exemption. Chapters are also covered under the Society’s general liability and optional property insurance group policies. Chapters may have as many choruses as desired, and a chorus must be part of a chapter to enter a Society chorus contest at the district and international level.

Are there different types of BHS clubs?

Yes! There are currently two types of clubs: educational clubs and geographic clubs.

* Educational clubs are student-based and originated at an educational institution (college, high school, or middle school).

* Geographic clubs are not affiliated with an educational institution but instead are grouped together by a similar area OR area of interest.

How much does it cost to be a BHS club?

Annual club fees are $150.00USD per club.

Can my club compete in a BHS district or international contest?

Educational and Geographic Clubs that qualify may enter a Next Generation Contest event. In order to enter a division, district or international contest, a chorus must be part of a chartered BHS chapter.

What are the Next Generation competitions?

BHS’s Next Generation competitions are the following:

* Varsity Quartets and Choruses: For ages 25 and under. Varsity Quartets and Choruses ages 25 and under have the chance to perform at our annual international convention.

* Junior Quartets and Choruses: For ages 18 and under. Junior Quartets and Choruses have the chance to perform our Midwinter convention each year.

For more information on both of the above options, please click HERE.

Do I need certain leaders (board members) to start a club?

* For educational clubs, the board should include a minimum of President, Secretary, and Treasurer.

* For geographic clubs, board members are not required. The geographic club must have one point of contact for the group.

Is Society membership required to join/start a club?

Club participants are not required to join BHS as a member. We do require that all club participants register as a Fan of BHS (which is at no cost). If you are a current member of BHS, you are eligible to maintain all of your member benefits and join as many clubs as you like!

How many people do I need to start a club?

* Educational clubs need a minimum of 4 participants.

* Geographic clubs do not have a minimum number of participants.

Will we be considered a 501(c)3 non-profit?

BHS clubs will not be eligible (in the U.S.) to receive non-profit status under the Society’s IRS group exemption. If clubs so choose, they may separately apply for (or maintain their current) non-profit status separate from BHS.

Are we covered under BHS’s umbrella of insurance?

Clubs are not currently eligible to be covered under the Society’s general liability and optional property insurance group policies.

What resources are included in the Club Guide?

The Club Guide includes helpful information to help you effectively run your club, such as:

* Club Leadership Roles and Responsibilities (if applicable)

* Youth Policy Procedures

* Usage of Society Resources

* Free Resources from BHS (music, marketing, etc.)

Educational Clubs

What happens to my educational club when I graduate?

It is important to ensure that your club will still be viable once you graduate. Having a diverse club with all undergraduate years is a great way to ensure the club will succeed once you graduate. Since the educational clubs are designed specifically for students at an educational institution, you would no longer be able to participate in that particular club once you have graduated. GOOD NEWS: There are still plenty of options to continue your lifelong journey of singing.

You could:

* Join a chapter near you. Click HERE to search for a chorus near you.

* Start a new club (or chapter) in your area. Click HERE for more information on starting a new BHS group.

Is my school a qualified education institution? If not, how do I start a club?

Any school can easily qualify to start a club by having a faculty advisor who is willing to oversee the club. Once you have a faculty advisor, Click HERE to find out more information on starting a club.

What if I can’t get a faculty/staff sponsor?

In order for BHS to approve an educational club, each educational club must have a faculty advisor associated with the club. Please check with your student activities department for help.

What if my institution doesn’t approve of my club on campus?

BHS does require the educational institution to approve/recognize the student club. Please email if you need assistance with completing forms to start your club on your campus.

What if I am part of a homeschool group?

You will need to have an education institution to provide your insurance coverage. Some homeschool co-ops have insurance, so check with your co-op before applying to start a club.

What if my club falls below the group minimum mid-year?

Do not fear! BHS can provide resources to help you garner interest and engagement at your school.

Can I use my institution’s tax-exempt status to make purchases through

Yes, you can! We just need a copy of your tax-exempt form on file. Please call our customer service department for assistance at 1-800-876-SING.

I understand that my club is not eligible to receive insurance coverage under BHS’s umbrella of insurance. Are we required to have insurance through our educational institution?

Yes. Educational clubs are required to be covered under their educational institution’s insurance policy as a recognized student organization/club. Please contact your student activities services department to ensure that your club in covered under their insurance.

Geographic Clubs

What is a Statement of Purpose?

A statement of purpose details the goals and objectives of your group. This important statement will help individuals know what to expect before joining your club!

Who is the “Point of Contact”?

The Point of Contact is the originator of the club. BHS will contact this individual to discuss all things club!