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Planned Giving Information: Endowed Gifts



Each of us wants to know the people and places we love will thrive even after our lifetimes. Fortunately, today you can plan your resources to know this will happen — even after you are gone.

Legacy Giving endowed gifts

Through your endowed gift you can be confident that your work will continue here at Barbershop Harmony Society forever. An endowment is a fund which is invested in perpetuity and distributes an annual income which will prove to be vital to Barbershop Harmony Society's mission.

You have worked hard to earn and save throughout your lifetime. You can be assured that your gift will be used well and be honored for all future generations.


Your annual gift is an important part of how we fund our mission. Would you like to consider making your annual gift in perpetuity? Establishing an endowment is a sensible way to ensure this happens. Most endowments generate 4% to distribute annually, so as a general rule of thumb an endowment may be 25 times your annual gift. For many this sum may not be immediately available and so might choose to set up their own endowment through their will or trust. Here are sample amounts for an endowment based on gift size:

Legacy Giving Suggested Endowments

Restrictions: you may wish to provide certain "restrictions" or guidance on how the endowment funds are distributed. Generally, Barbershop Harmony Society has many varying needs from year-to-year and generation-to-generation, so unrestricted gifts provide the greatest flexibility to respond to changing needs. However, if you do wish to include restrictions, please communicate your preferences with us prior to setting up the endowment so that we can ensure the restrictions are feasible and that we can honor them in perpetuity. If you do prefer a specific restriction, we highly recommend that you include language to enable the governing board flexibility in redistributing the income to a relevant area or the most needed areas. Regardless, if yours is a named fund, we will certainly honor the continued name of the fund.


  • You will continue to support future generations beyond your lifetime.
  • You can name your endowment fund.
  • Endowment contributions are deductible - depending on the asset given and method chosen to give.


Contact us to talk more specifically about options and benefits.

Thank you for considering this gift!

The gift descriptions are for informational purposes and are not legal or tax advice. To ensure that this gift fits your particular circumstances and planning, please consult with your professional advisers.