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Barbershop Tags

Download the Classic Tag Songbook (125 Tags for men's voices)

Compiled by David Wright with assistance from Jim Bagby, Jim Henry, Kevin Keller, and David Krause

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Tags for All Voices

Pal O' Mine - Male Voicing

Pal O' Mine - Female Voicing

Each Time I Fall In Love - Male Voicing

Each Time I Fall In Love - Female Voicing

Friendship And Love - Male Voicing

Friendship And Love - Female Voicing

I Love To Sing 'Em - Male Voicing

I Love To Sing 'Em - Female Voicing

Sunshine Of Your Smile - Male Voicing

Sunshine Of Your Smile Female - Voicing

Tags in TTBB Notation

These tags are written in a lower key, but can be sung in any key or with singers on any written part within their range.

Back In My Home Town

Hello Intro

Last Night Was The End Of The World



Sunshine Is Bidding The Day Goodbye

Through The Long And Lonely Night

Tags featuring a "Post"

These tags all have one part holding a sustained note (a "hanger" or "post" in barbershop terms), with the other parts moving around it. Great for beginners!

Tenor Hanger Tag

Lead Hanger Tag

Bari Hanger Tag

Bass Hanger Tag

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