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Birthdays and Holidays


Happy Birthday To You - Male Voicing (Traditional)

Happy Birthday To You - Female Voicing (Traditional)

Happy Birthday In 4 - Male Voicing

Happy Birthday In 4 - Female Voicing


Angels We Have Heard On High | LISTEN

Auld Lang Syne

My Own Sweet Valentine

Valentine Quandry

Singing Valentines

We welcome the beginning of a new year of singing. With great anticipation, we’ll be seeking opportunities to express our emotions with harmonious sounds. Since tags generally are found at the end of a song, let’s start the year just as we might start a song—with an intro!

Are you involved in the delivery of singing valentines? Now’s the time to get prepared for many special heart-warming messages in song, quartet style. Steve Delehanty has given us another one of his creative gifts. Steve is an accomplished composer, arranger and pianist. If you’ve attended a concert of the Dixieland Band performing at our conventions, you’ve been delighted by his prowess at the keyboard. Steve also is a music category judge.

“Valentine Intro” is an answer to “How do we introduce our presentation?” It can be sung a little higher or lower to accommodate the key of the song or songs that follow, if necessary. On the downbeat of measure 3, the name of the individual sending the valentine can be inserted ad lib using the pitches of the written chord. Note the gender voicing options for the sender.

Valentine Intro To Other Songs - Male Voicing

Valentine Intro To Other Songs - Female Voicing

Patriotic - U.S.

America the Beautiful - a quartet counterpoint to be sung against America the Beautiful

I Love The Whole United States

You're A Grand Old Flag | LISTEN