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Harmony UK

With John Beesley

John Beesley’s Harmony UK podcast delivers some of the best production values we’ve ever heard in barbershop broadcasting. This is “must hear” barbershop.

Gold Medal Moments

With Toby Shaver

Toby Shaver digs into the Gold Medal Moments that define barbershop life by interviewing champs and luminaries on his gabfest. Although new production is on hiatus, there’s a nice back catalog of three dozen interviews.

American A Cappella

With Mike Maino and Jamie Jones

Mike Maino and Jamie Jones explore a wide range of close harmony, including barbershop, on American A Cappella.


With Mark Holdeman and Ed Howard

Mark Holdeman (Dallas Big D, TX Chapter) and Ed Howard (Arlington, TX chapter) host ShopTalk on, where they explore the intersections between barbershop music and contemporary a cappella for two hours each week.