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Chapters/Choruses outside of the United States/Canada

The Barbershop Harmony Society is proud of its Alliances from all over the world.

Search for groups in: Australia, Great Britain, Germany, The Netherlands, Finland, Ireland, New Zealand, Sweden, and Southern Africa.

Click here to see our Alliance page.

Barbershop Harmony Society Districts

Want access to great barbershop education? Each of the Society's 17 Districts offer weekend schools, seminars, workshops, and other educational programs. Click on a district listed below for more information.

Cardinal District (CAR)
Includes Indiana and Kentucky. Visit
Carolinas District (NSC)

Includes North and South Carolina. Visit

Central States District (CSD)
Includes South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa, and Missouri. Visit
Evergreen District (EVG)
Includes Alaska, British Columbia, Alberta, Washington, Idaho, Montana, and Oregon. Visit
Far Western District (FWD)

Includes California, Nevada, Arizona, Hawaii, and a portion of Utah. Visit

Illinois District (ILL)


Johnny Appleseed District (JAD)

Includes Ohio, and parts of West Virginia and Pennsylvania. Visit

Land O' Lakes District (LOL)

Includes Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and a portion of Ontario. Visit

Mid-Atlantic District (MAD)

Includes Virginia, West Virginia, D.C., Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York. Visit

Northeastern District (NED)

Includes New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Quebec, Newfoundland, and Prince Edward's Island. Visit

Ontario District (ONT)


Pioneer District (PIO)

Includes Michigan. Visit

Rocky Mountain District (RMD)

Includes Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, and portions of Idaho, South Dakota, Nebraska, New Mexico, and Kansas. Visit

Seneca Land District (SLD)

Includes portions of New York and Pennsylvania. Visit

Southeastern Harmony District (SHD)

Includes Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, and a portion of Arkansas. Visit

Southwestern District (SWD)

Includes Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and a portion of New Mexico. Visit

Sunshine District (SUN)

Includes Florida. Visit