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Seniors Chorus Championship

International Seniors Chorus Contest

New for 2024: A chorus contest for singers age 55 and older.

Do you want to compete?

There are two ways to participate: represent your District or represent your Chapter.

District Representation

If your District would like to sponsor an ensemble, you can create a senior’s chorus under a host chapter within the District, or the District's Frank H. Thorne Chapter-at-Large:

  1. Choose a director and chorus manager

  2. Decide between representing an existing Host Chapter or Frank Thorne at-large District Chapter

  3. Complete this form to share details about your chorus

  4. Get familiar with the rules

  5. Register members

  6. Participate in a qualifying contest in any District

Note: All Chorus members must be a member of the chapter representing the district, Frank Thorne or otherwise.

Chapter Representation

If your chapter meets the qualifications to compete in the Senior’s Contest, your chapter can compete to qualify for the Midwinter Senior’s Chorus Contest. Here are the steps:

  1. Confirm Eligibility through the rules

  2. Sign up for District event to qualify for the Senior’s Chorus Contest.