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BHS Board of Directors

The Barbershop Harmony Society is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors.


Meet the Barbershop Harmony Society Board of Directors

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Members and terms

Society Board Directors at Large are elected for three-year terms. Society officers are elected for one-year terms. Members for 2024 were seated January 1, 2024.

2024 board terms

Society Board Members

John Santora
Society President • 2023-2024

John and Kathi

44 years of service
Alexandria Harmonizers (MAD)
Patapsco Valley (MAD)

Favorite Barbershop Memory

"So many, many barbershop memories, but my favorite is performing in '1 Am Harvey Milk' with the Harmonizers and Kristin Chenoweth in 2016."

Barbershop Hero

"Dr. Ray Danley, an inspirational leader when I sang with the Scarborough Dukes of Harmony in the 1980s and '90s."

Noah and Mary

Noah Funderburg
Immediate Past President • 2023-2024 (Served 2007-2008)

41 years of service
Tuscaloosa, AL (DIX)

Favorite Barbershop Memory

"Handing out 50-year pins to members while Society President. Their joy became my joy."

Barbershop Hero

"Joe Liles, who was the epitome of graciousness, fun, and sharing musical talent with everyone."

Kevin, Ann, and family

Kevin Keller
Executive Vice President • 2024

46 years of service
St. Charles, MO

Favorite Barbershop Memory

Jack Martin took me to the 1980 CSD spring convention (my first) and we had a great time. At 3AM Sunday we were getting ready to call it a night. Down the hall walked Brian Beck and Al Baker. Jack called out to them and asked them to sing with us. I knew both of these guys were society big-wigs and I as an 18 yo kid was impressed that they said yes. We took a two minute song and woodshedded it for ten minutes. We’d find a chord, then each one of us would change the chord. Sometimes one word would take 30 seconds as we explored harmonies. At the end of that song, I was certain that they would find a convenient excuse to abandon two nobody’s. Instead, Al (a great bass) said, “Let me have tenor this time”. And we sang again. I will never, ever forget the feeling of being included with giants of our hobby when I was a nobody.

Barbershop Hero

I have to admit that there are two. Jack Martin was the guy who taught me to love everything about barbershop. Although there are many who influenced and mentored me all along the way, hands down it is Joe Liles. I met Joe in 1980 at Harmony College in my directing class. That fall in college I had to write a paper on 20th century culture and I chose SPEBSQSA. I wrote Joe at Harmony Hall and he flooded me with information I could use. While at Ohio State, our Glee Club was at OMEA to perform. Joe was there and remembered my name even though we had only met once over 8 years before. When I asked him if he could steal away to watch us, he sat on the front row. He told our director that I was Jim Clancy’s right hand man in the VM and that helped me influence the Glee Club! Throughout my barbershop career Joe was my biggest fan and cheerleader. I attempt to be the same for others as Joe was for me.

Dwayne and Barbara

Dwayne Cooper
Treasurer • 2023-2024

46 years of service
McKinney, Texas

Favorite Barbershop Memory

"Singing in the Father-Son-Grandson Chorus in Kansas City with my father-in-law Robert Moore and son Daniel Cooper."

Barbershop Hero

Bob Cearnal, past International President, wonderful emcee, great quartet bass, and all-around nice guy.

Steve and Kerry

Steve Denino

Interim CEO • Board Secretary (non-voting)

37 years of service

The Alliance Chorus (JAD), The Core (JAD)

Favorite Barbershop Memory

"My first contest with my Dad and two brothers - Denino's Home Grown Harmony. And then participating in the first co-ed Buckeye Invitational."

Larry Bomback

Larry Bomback
Board Member At-large

19 years of service
Philadelphia, PA (MAD)
Hell's Kitchen, NY (MAD)

Favorite Barbershop Memory

Singing and dancing with GOTHAM at the first-ever EiH International Convention

Barbershop Hero

Marty Monson

Maria and family

Maria Christian
Board Member at-Large • 2022-2024

13 Years of Service
Song of the Lakes Chorus (SA))
First Class quartet

How I got into barbershop

"Invited by friend, I went to a Sweet Adelines Shoreline Sound Chorus rehearsal and never looked back. I've since been a part of chorus management, liaison work at the Regional level, became a certified director, competed on the International stage in both quartet and chorus, and a founding member of the Sweet Adelines DE&I Task Force. I've been a part of BHS for the past 11 years, an avid fan of Harmony University, and have engaged in the DE&I work sponsored by BHS."

Zachary and family

Zachary Materne
Board Member at-Large • 2022-2024

25 years of service
New Orleans, LA (SWD)

Favorite Barbershop Memory

"My favorite was the weekend that I spent in 1999 at the University of North Texas for SWD Harmony Explosion Camp. The weekend included working with The Vocal Majority and Gotcha!. It was the beginning of a relationship with barbershop that has sent me on an incredible journey." Barbershop Hero Fred Hodnett sponsored me to attend Harmony Explosion Zachary and his family Camp. Also, Alan Gauthreaux coached my college quartet to two bronze medals.”

Joe and Jen

Joe McDonald
Board Member-at-Large • 2023-2025

18 years of service
Mt. Pleasant, Michigan

Favorite Barbershop Memory

Every time I get to sing with a new singer and they experience that first time thrill of ringing a chord.

Barbershop Hero

I have to say that my barbershop heroes include many young directors and quartets that give selflessly of their time and talent to our chapter Harmony Camp each summer.

Tim Myers

Tim Myers
Board Member-at-Large • 2023-2025

16 years of service
O'Fallon, Missouri

Favorite Barbershop Memory

The crowd reaction of the St. Louis audience the very first time The Ambassadors of Harmony did the tear away in 76 Trombones.

Barbershop Hero

Not a traditional answer here, but I’m always most in awe of Joe Barbershopper who does this for the love of music. These folks are truly inspiring.

Doc's Barbershop Family

Gene "Doc" Spilker
Board Member-at-large • 2024-2026

39 years of service
Central States District

Ambassadors of Harmony (CSD)

Favorite Barbershop Memory

"2004, the Ambassadors of Harmony won its first international chorus championship. It was a very special moment for us all. The chorus had around 160 members on stage. The amount of gold medals available was short for each member. They didn't anticipate a chorus of that size. The front row decided to go without medals for the Saturday evening performance (during the quartet finals the day after the win) since there was a costume change. This would have been our first showing as champions. When the Vocal Majority found out that there was a shortage, members of the VM, including Greg Clancy, gave each of the front row members one of their medals to wear during that performance because they felt it was important that we experience the full celebration of the experience. Truly a selfless and generous act by a class organization."

Barbershop Hero

I am blessed to have been surrounded by barbershop heroes every week. My chorus, the members and leadership have taught me so much and helped me grow. Rich Knight pushed me into my first quartet at 16 and has been a supporter of me in every aspect of my barbershop endeavors. Most notable are my parents, Sandi and David Wright. They inspire me daily.

Perry D. White

Perry D. White

Ex-Officio Board Member • 2023-2024

President and CEO, Harmony Foundation International